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Monday, March 03, 2008

Out Though the Haze

This morning about eighty thirty I was heading out to my car to get ready for work. Buddy was doing his usual laps around the car.
But what wasn’t usual Daisy wasn’t doing her laps around the car.
Daisy was up on snow brume that the snowplows left from plowing out our road.
She was barking her head off but Buddy wasn’t.
I just look at Daisy and said “Shut-up your just barking to hear your head rattle” Then I look out in the summer cattle pasture and I saw something.
First I thought it was coyote but it looked too large for a coyote.
But it been snowing and lightly foggy here today and visibility wasn’t at the best.
So Murphy was on the computer filling his unemployment claim for the week and door was still up and yelled down the stair loudly “Murphy!!! Come quick an look at this”
I even thought it was deer but it didn’t have a gait like a deer and it had a tail.
So we both looked at it and came to conclusion the odds was we saw a wild wolf.
I believe that my Uncle Henry saw a wolf in one of his lower hay field but not sure exactly when.
Wolf here are some time is an interesting conversation it would go something like this.
Person A:” Darn wolf out chasing the deer and cattle they’re going to ruin the cattle market.”
Person B “These darn environmentalist letting wolf back both of some be shot”
Now six month later in summer a conversation might go something like this.
Person: A “ Stupid deer they’re plenty of grass and hay field out there and they’re ruining my garden”
Person B “ I wish one those darn wolf would eat one of those deer”

I decided to rearrange my coffee pals. It was about time for me to do a change on my blog.
Any how I feel bad when I don’t visit your blogs like I should

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  1. I've never seen a wild wolf. I think I would have been worried that it might come to close. I guess that is the bad part of being a city gal.


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