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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some Change We Can Control and Others We Can't

It been a long time since I seen the majority of the ground cover with a blanket of snow. I believe there is still 12 inches of snow in our backyard.
So we got 3 ½ inches of snow during the month of February.
It actual once got up to 56.1 on the 25th of February. I don’t know how actual this is we been doing quite a bit of remodeling in the kitchen and with all the dust flying we had the doors up so I’m not sure how accurate the reading is but it will have to do.
The coldest day was on the 18th of February at 15.6
Average high was 42.5 and the average cold was 25.3

I been doing some deep searching with in my self and not so deep searching. As I said on my last Heads or Tails we don’t have DSL out here only dial up.
Between now and the first day of spring I’m going to toss up things a little. Ok I’m going to change my coffee pals on my side bar.
I feel bad that I don’t get chance to visit all of you like I should.
So maybe I can get chance to stop in and visit some who I haven’t for a while

Yesterday I put up picture of my niece Rachel for the photo hunt (Party) which is my in-law child Earl and Tadita which we had the falling out with.
It still makes me sad on how thing worked out.
Last time we saw Earl and Tadita was to bury their son Nate.
Last time Murphy tried to bury the axe with his brother Earl wouldn’t bury the ax. This was way before they lost their son.
Well when Earl was up here and he tried to blame it all on Tadita and Ed her new boyfriend.
I just won’t go into the all the detail at this time who said what or did what.
The only thing Murphy want his brother to admit to a mistake he made it real doesn’t matter what or even something in general.
Then he would have respect for him and would slowly start developing a relationship with his brother Earl.
But I guess god/dess almighty will handle it

Today our friend Earl and Qunella came over for a visit and I help her on her web site. Which for some reason can’t get it up so I can link it.
We talk about in sign of spring and they live on Katka Mountain and there climate is warmer on average then ours

Yesterday I was standing on the front step lightly looking in hodge podge flowerbed because I real never thought anything would be peeping though yet and notice I have some bulbs coming up. I would guess there tulips, daffodils and grape hythsin (spelling???)
My yellow and purple flowerbed is still covered.
The Patrotic flowerbed is under the barn/shed eves, and during the winter the snow just slide off the roof and cover the flowerbed.
In due time they will all will be un covered

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