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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Number 48 and Heads or Tail (LOVE)

48 Years ago I was born.
My mom want to have 3 children and had trouble getting pregnant my dad and her was married for 7 years and she went to doctor wondering why she couldn’t have a baby and the doctor told her “They where sorry it unlikely that you’ll every have a baby of your own.”
So if someone told my mom that she couldn’t do something she was stubborn enough to do it to show him or her she could.
So the next month she was pregnant with the only time and with me.
I think my mom had some hormonal issues not once in her life she had a regular period and I guess she went to see the doctor because she wasn’t sure what it was. I was kicking inside of her.
I guess she had an easy pregnancy and delivery with me and never became pregnant again.

This week head or tail is time it head and the them is LOVE and to find out more please visit the hostess Skittles

I decided to list Eight Things I would love to have.

1) A blender
2) Giraffe (I collect them)
3) Two Hutches for my dishes.
4) Have people not be so narrow-minded.
5) World Peace.
6) Finish Kitchen (I need new counter top and matching cabinets)
7) Kindness with honesty
8) Not to Mispronounce words


  1. Wow...we sound very similar. I'm only 29, but my parents were struggling to get pregnant. They were married 5 1/2 years before they got me. They went to the doctor for help, but it turned out she was 4 months pregnant and didn't even know it. LOL! I'm the only one they ever got too.

    What a great list of things you love to want. Sadly, I don't think you'll get world peace. There are too many evil people out there ruining it for the rest of us.

  2. TWO hutches for your dishes? You must be a collector. We can all keep trying for World Peace to make it easier for everyone to get the things/people they love.


  3. Do you mispronounce words often? I am a huge reader and I've done my share of college psych, history, lit, anatomy and physiology so I do words fairly well. *smile*

    Happy Birthday! I'll be 46 next month so we're fairly close in age.

  4. Is it your birthday??? If so, Happy Birthday!!!

    You collect giraffe statuettes right? Not real ones? (Smile.)

    You have some very nice wishes listed. I could have put a few of them on my own list if I'd made one.

  5. I hope you get your giraffe that is on your wish list for your birthday gift along with much much more!

    Glad your mom was 'stubborn' and showed the doctor he was all wrong!! Here you are!!!!

    Love the baby photo.

    Mine's shared, it'a a poem of LOVE

  6. Thats a nice entry you have here hope your wish in your lists will come true. TC

    mine is in here The Joy Of Life Forever

  7. I'm sure you came as a great blessing. I admire your mom's great sense of hope despite what the doctor told her.

    Interesting things you have there. I hope you get each one especially the beautiful significance of world peace.

  8. Your wish list is doable with the exception of world peace. Don't think we will see that in our lifetime.

    If it's your birthday, I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

  9. Hello Peppylady,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May our good Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and give you more happy years to come.

    Happy Birthday to YOU.......

    vicky n family

  10. Well what a present surprise you must have been for your parents...and I love your list of "8"...I too dream and wish for world peace...or at least some form of harmony....

  11. I am sure your mom would be so happy after the baby was born..

  12. I love your mom's attitude. It's good that she didn't just believe them when they told her she'd never have kids.

    I don't think I know anyone who collects giraffes. They are cute, aren't they?

  13. Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope you got some of the things you want....World Peace is on my list too!

  14. Is it safe to assume that you don't collect real life giraffes? ;)

    Happy Birthday.

  15. What a wonderful story & fun list! Happy Tuesday. :)

  16. Great list of things you'd love to have! I love to have a hutch for my dishes too.

  17. I love the story about you and your mother. It was very sweet. The photo is wonderful. Happy Valentine's Day, Peppy!


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