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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Actual Going Well

We went to see our friends Earl and Qunella up on Katka Mountain. Qunella is trying to start a catered complete wedding at her place.
She does have lovely garden but I don’t think she realize how much effort it takes to run a business.
I don’t know how many time she change her domain name but when she use the word “Rocky Mountain” with the term catered, garden, and wedding Opinion time… it was a little much
I guess at this time she hasn’t quite got her site up. I knew she was doing some changes on her site and soon as her new site is up I’ll post a link to it.
But I took over some blog site that is wedding related.
She made us some chocolate because it was my birthday (Feb 12)

I been griping about my printer for some reason it doesn’t want to print in black ink. I took where the ink cartilages set in the printer pulled it out and cleaned it with a q-tip and it still prints shaded in black ink.
I’m starting to wonder if it is the type of ink I’m using the other color seem to print out fine.
I want to print out my blog and put it protected sleeves and give a copy to each of my boys and at this rate is slower the molasses

I never liked my kitchen cabinets and I painted them an off white with a faded blue jean color and I real never liked that either but I didn’t like the dark cabinets.
So Murphy and I started to sand the frames of the cabinets and we both real liked it. So we went to home depot to look at doors to match the cabinet didn’t have anything real in to match, and price too high.
So we can buy 2 piece of oak plywood for a little over $50 each. Just to buy for my top cabinet doors it would run us over $300.

I been painting ceramics now for while in evening but haven’t got anything complete yet


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I hope you had a wonderful day

  2. hi peppylady,

    welcome,,,,,hindi ko makalimutan ang bday mo na, kasi 23 days younger than me, and 6 days younger from bernie.....

    pareho tayo, i don´t like my kitchen color, only the color, cause it´s almost 20 yrs. old.....pero memorable or sentimental value ko ito.
    my first kitchen at on that time, this style and color was the best...lol

    my kids too, says, it makes my kitchen so small or chaos....see, kids they are more n more ......

    bye and again, thank you.....

  3. I am back, pls if you have time I have a tag for you, hope you don´t mind it.....

    pls, visit my blog, if you have time ok?

    Thank you

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Sounds like you're doing great work on your kitchen. Hope you post pics when you're done. We need to repaint my kitchen cabinet doors, but there will a LOTS of sanding involved and we're not sure how we'll sand all the deep grooves in the doors, so we keep putting that project off.


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