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Monday, February 11, 2008

Perk Me Up

I know there not many books of woman in the bible and I decided because I was born on 2 month and the 12th day.
So click here to Esther 2:12 and it many forms and translation
Below is my personal take on it.

I know this all happen a long time ago and we came along ways
To me these women was strictly for a rich powerful king way of relieving him self. I don’t believe all men are even close having this thought but yet they are some.
Confession time...Even at times I been been pretty shadow and even now.
But it real got me thinking how I have the attitude now of being married so many year is “It only my hubby I can go around looking like a slob”
I’m a kept woman but I usual ware a undies, bra, jeans, some type of pull over top, shoes, and socks. I haven’t done much more then that no assories of any type, colored or perm my hair, and no make up.
Maybe it time I do some simple perk me up


  1. I take it Esther wasn't trying to hold down two jobs and run a family home.
    I just about manage to keep clean and thats my beauty programm!!

  2. I wonder if they ever bathed. All that oil and myrrh was probably a coverup.

    Esther was a smart cookie though. Sneaky, but bright.

  3. as long as you are comfortable in your own skin...that is what matters...and being true to yourself....


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