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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baked Dinner Tonight

Murphy messed up his back and went to the doctor and he prescribed Hydroocodone and Cyclobenzaprine. But he is getting better but still uncomfortable he been walking bent over for last few days. This morning he was standing straight up but now he back slumping

Went to check on my client Donna she had a D en C yesterday and took her dog Rex for a walk.
One of her neighbors in Apartment building calls and D en C “Dustin and Cleaning” she is quite a bit better.

I went and got a few things at the store like ground beef 85% lean is at $1.97 a pound and got 2 larger packs and re wrap them then but them in the freezer.
To night Dinner is meat loaf, bake potato. Of course with sour cream or cottage cheese on it, plus I got a squash.
I pull chicken out of the freezer and for tomorrow night dinner it will be chicken and dumpling.
A while a go Chicken was on sale for I think right around .67¢ a pound and now it on sale for .97¢ a pound

I was proud of my self I been getting better at better healthy habits last few times I didn’t pick up anything from the bakery, candy or chip department and been doing a little walking.

The other day I got some flower seeds White Sweet Rocket, Nasturium Black Velvet, Cleome Color Fountain which was free, and wild Bergamont. I don’t see any bare ground yet except the flower bed under our front window but there still mound of snow in the front part of flower bed

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