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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday. (Cabinet)+Heads or Tails (Wonder)

As I posted in pass about us doing our kitchen cabinets well we got the top ones done. When I inherited this house when my mom died it had dark cabinet and the kitchen reminded me of being in a cave.

We priced out new cabinets and even new doors ouch for our pocket book. So Murphy and I start to think maybe we could make our own. We talk to our brother in-law Heinz and he told us to use a fine tooth saw blade for the skill saw.
So we went to Home depot and bought a piece of oak plywood for $50.00 and some stain for $10.00 we have less then $80 in it.
Sure they’re some minor mistakes that when we get around doing the base cabinets we now know what we did wrong.

We want to change the stove hood.

Here is a close up.

Anther project I start and it going to take a long time to get this one done.
I don’t recall every saying that I’ve been searching my family history and now I decided to print off my blog.
I bought two binders and plastic sheet things to put the pages in. Some day I’ll be giving these two my boys. Not sure when maybe when I’m pushing 90 or so.
My boys wouldn’t appreciative it now about were there family came from or stories.
So far I got 46 pages printed off and I’ve posted over a thousand times
I wonder what people will learn about blogs in the feature about our past.
Page 23 line 8 it goes as “about my blog to my brother in law Earl. Not telling my brother in law my user name he would be trying” I know it not a complete sentence but that’s ok.

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This week topic is Heads (Wonder) or Tails (Wander) so I’m doing Heads which is going to be a short post

Just in case you are wondering here are 8 facts about….

1. Last time I bought beer was super bowl Sunday and there 3 left of the six pack.
2. My favorite gem is emerald.
3. Where I live no one has D.S.L we all have dial up.
4. Murphy my hubby was married before.
5. My son Sawyer is buying him self a small motorcycle
6. Bart hair is the lightless then the rest of us.
7. I don’t care for the taste of Martini
8. I work 15 and ¾ hours with my client Donna

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  1. I'm sure your kitchen will be a much brighter place when you're done!

    Printing your blog is a GREAT idea! I know mine holds a lot of what's been going on in my life since I started it.

    Dial-up? Ouch.

  2. WOW! That's quite a job to take on, crafting your own cabinet doors! Nice job!

  3. Wow - I'm impressed you found time to post in between those projects! Can't wait to see your finished kitchen!

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Wow, big project but we hope to be redoing a kitchen soon too.

  5. Dial up? I'm so sorry!! Good luck on the kitchen :)

  6. Only dial up? Bummer! Now I'm even more grateful for your visits!

  7. Great work on the cabinets so far. I'm sure it will look great when you're done.

    Thanks for sharing those 8 random facts. Hope your area will have DSL soon. Take care.

  8. OK, those cabinets are awesome. I am just in awe of you guys doing that. It would overwhelm and intimidate me. They are GORGEOUS! Good for you!

  9. I wonder how you do all that cabinetry and loved the second list and the beautiful chocolate...

  10. Great job on the cabinets!

  11. I like the green hood!



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