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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bais or Unbais

"Genuine compassion is unbiased." this is Buddha teaching which is quite simple but Confession time…Sometime my compassion toward a person or some area in our society I really can have some bias but I don’t feel I’m prejudice at all. honest time…I don’t judge others on race, ethnic, sexual oration, religion or political
But Honest time…Let say if one person loose a member of there family I feel compassion for that family it doesn’t matter the situation there in.
I know some fairly wealthy people and let say there making $100,000 a year and following year there making $99,800 and they’re feeling sorry for there self. I real don’t have much compassion for them

The other day my dad favor news host died William F Buckley who was the host of Firing Line although my political thoughts are different then my parents do to I became an independent thinker and our life situation is different then my parents.
The only think I remember my dad would turn up the television when firing line was on and soon as it was over turn down the volume.
If his show, which he liked, the volume was turned up and any one else show the volume wasn’t aloud up.
I don’t recall nothing about William F Buckley JR only that my dad watch his show firing line.
Confession time…One of my favor News show is the The McLaughlin Group

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