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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heads or Tails (Meeting) + Tackle it Tuesday

this week heads or tail posting is ” Who would you like to meet and why?” So it head this time around

Confession time…When I was young I want to invent or have a time machine so I could back in time and visit important or famous people of the past. As I got older I realizes how important every body it doesn’t matter if you’re a leader of some country, a big C.E.O of major company, if you win the Nobel Peace Prize we are all essential to our world.
I don’t come from a long line of wealth, leader of great nations, or any of the made covers of magazine.
But like thousand of others my family of many generation got up and work the farms, but in power lines, delivered goods by the rails, served our nation not as officers but as foot soldiers.

Our 16th president Abraham Lincoln said “ God most love the common man he made so many of them”

If it would be possible now I don’t believe I would want to meet anyone from the past who made it in our history book or been on the cover of magazine.
I actual would like to go back and interview my past relatives. I now have more respected for the common everyday person.
My great grand dad Duane was one of the guys who shot the 21-gun salute of President Lincoln grave.
His son Maurice died because of the San Francisco earthquake during the early 1900’s
My grandmother Olive during the Great Depression had a market cart and sold goods to buy her children school clothes.

My pass isn’t made up of well known famous people but if I could I would like to go back an interview them so I could know my down my roots deep down

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My tackle projects been going on all during the past week and there no before or after pictures for this tackle
I decided to do some perjuring.
So I went over to random number picker and for a integer I put in a 100 and it came back with 69 and I start to go though my kitchen cabinets tossing things which needed to be toss in the trash, or give away pile.
Although I got though my kitchen cabinets and I got started on a small dresser that my microwave sits on and barley started on top drawer.
This was all on Wednesday.
I did the same thing but my number came back as 19.
Most of the things I toss were papers.
But one thing I stumbled upon is one of my genealogy fill about the “Shirley”
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  1. Oh you have an interesting blog and you have a great head's or tail post.

    http://www.happymomiam.us is my post located

  2. I love purging. It feels so good to take all those bags to the trash!

  3. I love what you had to say...it is important to remember from whence we came....

    I see it is you that does the Tackle it Tuesday....I had mentioned it in my post yesterday but I couldn't remember where I had seen it...my post yesterday I talked about chores I did over the weekend that reminded me of the Tackle it Tuesday task....

  4. Abraham Lincoln was a wise, wise man.

    The number of people in the media spotlight are really outnumbered by the rest of us who keeps the wheels turning in our own ways.

    Your family is rich in history. I can see why you'd like to meet them. :)

  5. Great HoT post! I would love to meet some past relatives too.

  6. So you pulled a random number and purged that amount of things?? That's the ONLY way I can get any housework done! lol!! I have to count things...which probably is a condition that needs to be medicated! lol!! I had never thought to go to a random number generator though...I'll have to do that! Neat!

  7. Go back and meet your relatives!? You're the second person to post that and I must say - are you all mad? Don't you know that you could possibly destroy universe by altering your past?!

    Good lord people - c'mon!

  8. That's a great idea, going back to meet ancestors. :)

  9. That must feel great to be rid of all that stuff. I've been purging some stuff myself, lately, but not nearly that many items. It's so hard to decide what to let go. Good for you!!


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