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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How Stupid Do You Think We Are.

I haven’t made up my mind who I will be voting for yet but I’m sure not favoring at this time is Romney or Giuliani
Romney is to much for the big business and Giuliani I’m afraid of loosing more of our civil rights.
Now for the other side coin (democrats) I’m tired of the pickering between Clinton and Obama
Those two sound like my sons when they were younger and bickering all the time over petty shit. I’m not in favor of Bill tactics and I bet someone from Obama team is playing dirty politics to against Clinton too.

When a candidates are asked a question I want detail answer of what there going to do. I don’t mind speech but from a speech I don’t need to hear what wrong with the persons who may be running against them. I want to know who they are, and their plans for the United States


  1. Good news, Giuliani is out of the race...or will be come tomorrow.

    As for Obama and Clinton...it is annoying, though, I think Obama is our best bet...it's just a shame he keeps sinking to the level of Clinton. Personally, I'm very disappointed at Clinton and her campaign. I was excited when she announced she was running. Now, not so much.

  2. Politicians and me don't mix! lol I don't trust any politicians at all, they're all a bunch of idiots who promise one thing and then when get elected, just do what they want. As you said, they are like a bunch of children with their bickering and head games. I don't envy you Americans this vote!!

  3. i hate politics. here in the phils, politics sucks! but i wonder how it's like there in the u.s.? i heard speeches from clinton and obama. i just wonder who'd win...


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