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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Head or Tail (Three) + Tackle It Tuesday

On Tuesday I play head or tail or Tackle it Tuesday. But I’m playing both

This week Head came up and the theme of the week is Three so any thing with three will be allowed.
At first I thought getting a picture of our three pets together.
Then I came up with the Christmas carol of “We three Kings of Orient”
But when I was in the third grade the Three Dog Night came up with their hit “Joy to world” and when we walk to school we sang “Joy to World”

So take a few minute and check out Skittles Heads or Tail and see what other players came up with

There this corner in my dinning area that wants to draw items to this area and table that has a magnet on it.

Here the before picture quite collection of wanted and unwanted items.

Now for the new corner

I’m pleased. I stuck the sewing machine case up on the top of the table so hopeful I’ll keep the paper from falling there. Hopeful I won’t have to put a nail strip on it.
The stuff on floor I compact it
We would like to get some type of dish hutch to go there. But it seems we’re either a day late or a dollar short.
For more tackle project and project ideal please visit Tackle it Tuesday


  1. I see we were thinking the same thing with Three Dog Night! What an interesting video. LOL!

  2. That video is both fun and good. The world could need some more joy :-)


  3. Oh, and good tackled too! I've done man Tackle It Tuesdays before, so now I don't have anything to tackle for a while :-) It has really helped me to go through with my tackles.

  4. I like that Three Dog Night song. :)

  5. Wow! Great Tackle It Tuesday job! That corner looks completely different!

    I remember singing that song all the time in summer day camp. Still love it, it's a good one.

  6. Wonderful post for Heads or Tails! I enjoyed your take on it!

  7. I've always loved that song and it was fun to listen to it again and watch the video! Great job you did on cleaning out that corner...isn't it funny how we all seem to have one corner in the house where everything gets put?! lol xox

  8. I LOVE THAT SONG. I know every single word of it (and that says a lot!). Thank you so much, Peppy! Your snow photo is so lovely, too.

  9. the video is awesome. the song makes me want to dance.
    happy H o T!

  10. Three Dog Night, We Three Kings...all great thoughts for three. Thanks for hitting the cafe last night.


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