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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

October Weather

If I was going to tell anyone the best time to visit Idaho would be in October. Statement time..I surely wouldn’t grantee that future October will be as nice as this one.
Extraordinary weather any way you look at it most clear sky’s for days on it but we did get some well-needed rain a whole two and fourth inches. Since the summer months we only got one and half inches of rain for the whole entire summer.
This is the first Halloween I can recall it didn’t rain or snow.
Plus it wasn’t to hot or cold either for the October.
The Hottest Day was the 9th at 66.4
The Coldest Day was the 25th at 19.0
Average high for the month was 60.7
Average cold for the month was 29.8
The goldish looking pine tree you see in the background is a western larch and majority of the people around here call it a tamarack


  1. A wonderful photo. Thanks for posting the statistics.


  2. Thanks for popping over and entering my giveaway! It's so nice to meet new people in blogland. Good Luck!!


  3. Yup, looks just like the American Larch! Great shot. You have a bunch of them in that photo. And next year this little one will be twice as big. Love the stats, I adore stats!


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