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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Those Two

A few days I saw Buddy and Daisy heading out to the barn/shed and never thought anything was up.
I don’t recall who was following whom.
Well I didn’t think those two little cute little pooches had anything in mind.
Now let advance to that evening I usual feed can food in the morning and in evening I feed dry. So that evening both dog got there dry food Daisy inside and Buddy on the outside.
Daisy being a little on the timid side she gets feed inside and Buddy on the outside. Well Daisy didn’t start to ear right off. You see Daisy will stand back and let Ziggy the cat eats. So as most of the time I have to put Ziggy somewhere else.
The next morning I notice Buddy didn’t eat either and Buddy is such a little oinker I start to wonder why they never ate there dinner from the night before. They seem happy and playful.
So a little later on an empty bag of kitty food was brought on the steps. Evidence!!!! So I went out the barn because I feed Ziggy dry food in a feeder out in barn/shed on one of the upper shelves. The cat food was put up.
But those two pooches some how figured a way to get up on shelves because they were other things pulled down.
The only thing I could possible figure they did was one dog stood on it hind legs and put it front paws on the shelves brace and the other one stood on it shoulders and got into stuff.


  1. I'm not surprised. Animals can always find a way to get into food, whether they are wild or domestic.

    Enjoyed the photos.


  2. where there's a will there's a way....great photo....

  3. those inoocent looking dogs could never be bad! no way. . . .


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