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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November Fourth Reading

In recently times I feel like I’m on emotional spiritual whirl wind. I guess my big question …Why does it matter what form we worship Heavenly Father and Mother Earth? I thought we were all made in there image and we all are individuals

So I pulled up the Temperance Card I’m getting pretty frustrated with my life and I know I can’t make excesses why my life isn’t go as I think it needs to but facts are facts.
I know things don’t change over night but some days my level of endurance in many element of my life in spiritual, physical and mental recently being in a realm of confusion, lost, and non focus.
You see I have a trouble with bigotry towards different spiritual path and I feel there is some of this on the blogs but I guess there is it all over in world.
One may not say they’re not a bigot but if they find out you communicate with someone who may have different way about them they complete shun them .

I found this stuff about temperance card:
Temperance Card 1
Temperance Card 2
Temperance Card 3

I guess thing will come in due time but I guess you can’t except people to change over night. I know I don’t

Assignment 2 Write a story that entitled: The story I tell my self

The ugly person of prefect somewhere is all ways hanging about in my life and it has crippled me in many parts of my life that I’m always coming up on short end of the stick.
So as I fight with prefect I get frustrate and soon start to have the white flag and start to wine about “If I had the right tools it would be done right”

Prefect is always stabbing me in the back or telling half-truths about me. I know prefect has always been mean and nasty to me always pointing their finger and judging me for I’m not prefect and I won’t every measure up and I might as well jump on the non-prefect ship

When going to battle with prefect it seems to defeat me in battle of life and my parents was it coach and I’ve came up beaten but not defeated

As prefect plays it’s game around me and I have never felt like I have accomplished anything in my life except marriage

I’ve been reading and doing the assignments in Life Strategies page 28


  1. Anonymous12:44 AM

    life is hard and unfair sometimes but we should understand that we live in a rotten world. we just have to put our trust in Him and let him take the "driver's seat" of our life. He knows what He's doing and we can be sure that He can take us to the place we ought to.

  2. Hi...We all have an inner critic that wants to control us( Some by thinking we are not good enough ...not perfect)if it didn't control us we'd be free to
    just be who we are...our flaws
    make us unique. Don't be too hard on yourself....let go
    all is well!

  3. I'm always on the losing end of the battle with perfect, too.

    The Temperance card is one I have difficulty interpreting. I think of it as "finding the right mixture." My tarot teacher often talks about tempering metals-- the right mix of another metal is added to make the original one stronger. So I tend to ask myself, "What is the right mixture in order to make me stronger?"


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