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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Head or Tail (Road)

Today theme for Head or Tails is Roads and I want to share the roads I have lived on in my past.

For the 5 days of my life I spent in the Hospital in Bonners Ferry and I spent the other 5 days at either my Aunt Bea or Aunt Eve place. Then I adventure into Spokane area with my parents.
With my parents I lived on Broadway, Cataldo, and Ashton. I don’t recall the place on Broadway and I’ve seen picture of me and there was a white picked fence in the back yard.
The place on Cataldo and Ashton I recall the place.
After my dad in 1977 and after I graduate my mom sold the place and moved back to the Bonners Ferry area.
I stayed in Spokane area and I had an apartment on Pacific and then on Willow. A few years later I move back into the Bonners Ferry area then I stayed at my mom place on Julian Rd and then I started to date Murphy, move in with him on the Drive away on Bench and when my mom past away we move back on Julian Rd.
Now to read more about roads please visit Heads or Tails and all about roads

Assignment one List in order of significant the top five things in your life that you have simply failed to fully and completely admit or acknowledge to your self?
1. I won’t attempt a project unless I can do it prefect. At this time I have a table that needs to be clean off and I don’t have a place to put the stuff and can’t afford it.
2. I won’t tell other people in person how I feel or talk about personal things because I’m afraid that I’ll get made fun of or stab in the back.
3. I’m afraid of failure and at time I have thought why try. I’m not as bad as I once was.
4. Not have a decent relationship with my dad and he went to grave and we were bitter at each other.
5. If something goes wrong I’ll put unnecessary guilt upon my self.

Confession time I don’t do what I listed above as much as I have in the past


  1. Very creative and wonderful post. I love the slide show!

  2. Very creative idea with all the streets you've lived on. I'm originally from UT and most of the streets there are numbers, so it wouldn't be such a fun post for me. 900 south, 1000 East, 1030 North, 910 East...lol, sure would confuse most people. Have a great day!

  3. you did an awesome job for this weeks theme!! Beautiful.

  4. Just wanted to say a quick "hello " and thanks for dropping by my blog , so nice to meet other creative people !

  5. Google Earth? My hubby loves searching for things there.

    This was a very unique idea for today's theme!

    I love the Fall colors of your blog.

  6. What an innovative and clever posting for the Heads or Tails theme! I just loved it! :) Oh, and may I say that I'm dying to eat your graphic header! LOL! It makes my mouth water!

  7. that is THE coolest post for the week! you have a wonderful creative flair, there! You've put power into those maps.


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