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Thursday, November 15, 2007

It Came Out Of the Sky

I don’t why everyone in my family was winning about snow on ground this morning and usual the first snow doesn’t last.
But I find snow has a peaceful fortitude about it present. Although I’m not to crazy about the shorter days. The sun start going down a little after 4 in the afternoon.

Not very often the first snowfall stick around and by 9 or 10 this morning it became sleet. Honest time…I haven’t yet met a person that enjoys sleet. I was planning to take a walk and I did walk out to the mailbox and I turn around and went back in. I should have taken out the mail that needs to be sent out.

I was going to walk out to where Julian and Pleasant Valley Loop road met up with each other Daisy and Buddy was walking with me and as I said before the sleet sent me back inside.

Assigment three Adopt the attitude of questioning and challenging everything in your life that you can identify as having to accepted on blind faith or as having been adopted out of tradition or history
My parents was very organized and some what planners which I fought for years and when my boys was in Head Start they gave each child a planner and each child was to make plans were he or she may be using there planner to write down what area they were going in. Although that age they didn’t write in words they drew pictures of the area they want to be in and after words they sat in circle and shared their experiences.
. I write a goal down daily goals or things I need to complete and when we had parenting classes they taught goal setting and planning to complete these goals.
I do this on daily put I Confession time…I rarely don’t do this on a long term bases
As I was in therapy on the coast I learn and had to learn to give my self credited due when and what I did right. As this morning I got part of my dishes, pots and pans done. Then I took out the trash and got counters by the stove wiped down.
Out of the kitchen area I got a load of laundry put away and washed a load of whites.
Honest time… I’m not prefect and I know no one is prefect including my self but I find fault in everything I do or I’m my biggest critic which sometime it rears it ugly head and which my parents mostly my dad couldn’t wait to find something to criticized me on or keep it going.
Sure my mom pointed out things I did wrong and tried to make non-threaten ways that one may do better or easier.
I know it bothers me when things isn’t complete but at time there is projects that I would like to get done and I’m not satisfied Confession time…I haven’t been real satisfied in many area of my lifewhen I can’t go any farther because I ran out of time or the lack of tools to complete it
I had to slide this in. In the evening even after work I will set the timer on kitchen stove between 15 and 30 minutes and clean my home. The days I’m sore from work I don’t do as hard as work but I do get some small task done.

this assignment been the hardest so far


  1. I love the foot prints photo!

    I always think there is something magical about the first snow.

  2. The snow looks beautiful, but the sleet is always nasty. We had a little snow and rain mixed this morning and then it turned to rain. A damp windy day.

    I enjoy a fresh snow falling on an evening and walking with my dog, Meeko. He loves the snow and rolls in it and has such a fun time. I laugh out loud at his antics and he brightens my life with his companionship.

    Thanks for sharing about your list.


  3. We haven't had our first real snowfall yet...only a sprinkling that melted as soon as it hit the ground. Where Steve lives, 3 hours from me, they're supposed to get hit with a major snowstorm, up to 12 inches of snow...hope it doesn't make its way here!! Love your pictures:-) Our trees have been bare for the past month so everything looks so dark and dreary, I'm actually looking forward to getting some snow just so that it brightens things up a bit! xox

  4. The snow looks really pretty. The leaves just started turning color here this week, so we are behind.


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