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Friday, November 16, 2007

Friendly Friday

this time I decided take or I should say let random number pick someone from my coffee pal list and I think everyone will want to adventure to A Place I call home Small Town RN is a delight to read she covers a wide variety of topics plus one can gather great knowledge from her

As always I like to seek someone new and I took Small Town RN and the blogs she likes to visit. I took an adventure over to The Buzz Queen as I loaded her blog I saw a few post about blog talk radio and I briefly checked into and it might me something I’m interested in.

This week we watch 2 movies Ice Age and Ice Age Meltdown and I would give each these movie grade of B

I got this ideal from one of a lady who attends the gardenia center and when she does inspiration or is one of the speakers she always have some good news to report and lot of time when we listen to the news “it surely not good news” so from time to time I thought I would add some good news on Friday.
My first store is about Is about a school in Georgia that planted a garden and we say there a overweight problem with our kids. I can see where these kids are getting hands on lessons.
My next story I like to share is: We all know when we see someone who dressed out of the norm and now I get to point this wonderful hero who happen to be a punk rocker.
This wonderful 14 year old saves a man at Lisarow who falls on train track

On a annual event Boo Mama host her annual Christmas tour 2007

there tons of swaps and fun events being hosted in the blog world and I found this wonderful site called swap bot which a person can find swaps and or list there swap

Then I took a few moments and try to find some free items that was being given away for free. No I haven’t yet every found a big ticket item that was free unless you jump though bunch of hoops.
For those who have or know how to use a Mp3 player here some free Free Christmas Music
Wal-mart is giving some free samples
Betty Crocker is offering a free taco seasoning and other but it seems that one have to sign up for there news letter which I don’t know if it means a bunch of spam or not. For more information Click here

If anyone knows of good things going on in blog world. Please e-mail me at peppylady_60@yahoo.com in the subject area put in good things and on Friday I’ll try real hard to post in my “Friendly Fridays” or leave a comment on my blog


  1. Well thank you my friend....how truly thoughtful.....I am glad u like to visit my blog....and u are right I do talk about a variety of things...it seems whatever catches me at the time....but often health care or community and family are paramount. Thanks again....and I hope u keep coming back...cheers...and have a grand weekend....

  2. Love that ursine - canine photo! We just got our first real snow over the last two days. About 11" which settled to maybe 5" now. It's still snowing but back to the usual dusting level.


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