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Monday, November 12, 2007

November Third Reading

I’m always interesting in learn new things or taking an new adventure in something.
I know somethings in life it has to be broken down and it takes step by step to get the ful drift of something.
Mostly me something comes easier then other or in this case I surely don’t want to right a novel.
So I’ll start with a passage in the Quran.

From the book of Hud chapter 11 verse 11.

Not so do those who show patience and constancy, and work righteousness; for them is forgiveness (of sins) and a great reward.

I’ve recently been having trouble with patience of life or I should say how I thinking my life should be going.
As I’ve said before I want to restart up my ceramic shop and it seem once I make a step forward a monkey wrench is thrown in.
All in all I know it will come about and I know I’m responsible for things to happen Confession time…I real get tired of living in the real world but I know it necessary.
I don’t why people have trouble excepting others or are uncomfortable with new ideas, paths of life or life styles.
I’m not sure what a good way explaining the term “Righteousness” Confession time..to me the word righteousness sound like a snob word Sure I’ve Confession time…I’ve been or came up short on seven deadly sins at times which I don’t go out in world and break for the fun of it because I know I’ll short my self or someone else.
But sometime I feel people will give them self permission to sin lack of better term “sin” so they know there is a cheap or simple forgiveness to them or they will mental or physical mutilate them self in some style.
I’m sure glad Father Sky and Mother Earth has an easier time in forgiveness because at times I find it even difficult to forgive my self.
Yes I even need forgiveness

I went to the Sunday Service at the Gardenia Center and Honest time…I thought I was getting something from the speaker or I thought I was and then I was lost some where during the sermon she lost me
Majority of the time I get more out of inspiration part that about 5 minutes and of course it was story about veteran during the Korea war

After the service I had to pick up a few items around Sandpoint. But one of my stop was wal-mart and I had to get ice cream and I’ll stand around looking at the ice cream trying to deiced what flavor to get and now there so many out in the world.
I saw it Life Saver sherbet.

I’m starting to read Dr. Phil Life Strategies
I’m going to add this part of this book to my blog answer the question I’m being asked.
Do you really have a strategy in your life?
Not sure if I have a strategy. It seem like such conquer term to me. I have goals but I don’t handle life bumps sometime well.
You see I will basically lie down and go to sleep by a problem and later on try to resolve it.

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  1. Love this new look.

    My strategy now is to go find some candy in the house to eat!!


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