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Friday, March 11, 2016

Cottage Cheese and Tomatoes

I could of done a lot worst. I made arrangement with Regis that I would come in on Friday afternoon and finish my week up. He likes to go out to his sister in laws Liz. And once I got my shift done I would take him out there.
I eat with my husband once month at the senior center. He eats there more simple he because is over 60 and it $4.00 donation and me $7.00.
So I try to seat on the best day.
Today we had Lasagna and it wasn't all that great. Plenty to eat and once I found Regis wasn't there. I was fuming.
Knowing this people lives and thinks complete differently then me. But still I let it up set me and came home and had a bowl of cottage cheese with tomatoes. Yes it fact I was eating total emotionally.

The snow drops are up in the flower bed closes to the road.
Murphy worked on our garden fence and dug up some carrots we winter over..

I hope or I shouldn't let things get to me.

Coffee is on


  1. Sorry you were stood up. Yep, it's okay in my book to get upset over that ...

  2. I love cottage cheese and tomatoes.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. i love tomatoes. my ideal hamburger has a thicker slice of tomato than the beef patty.

  4. The senior center there charges too much, a meal here is two bucks. Free at the Salvation Army. I don't go to them but I might someday. I like cottage cheese.


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