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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Not Perfect But Who Accounting

Did a little better in eating Carrie seem she likes to snack on crackers and I try to stay away from them. Although I have to admit I did have a small amount.
I had one of her orange ice cream bar.
One thing I been putting on my french toast is MOLASSES which we had this morning. Peanut butter and 2 links sausage.
Lunch was a grill cheese sandwich and re-heated cabbage.
Dinner was beef ribs, nice toss green salad, and some mash potatoes. Add sesame seed oil and ketchup to the potatoes.

Her little doggie "Sweetie" stayed with her. It's her companion dog. I'm not much on toy dog breed but she well behave.
Get a long well with all the fur friends around here.
Yesterday she talk to her hubby and there might be slight delay of them getting into the apartments. The only good thing about them coming back would be I could continue working for them. But OREGON  is a lot more progressive then here. She should get a lot more benefits then they do here in Idaho.
Although there taxes are a lot higher. My son Sawyer who lives in Oregon says his federal and state income is at the same rate about.

A few of my snowdrops are now blooming.
One thing I got off was our income taxes one check I wrote was for $2,197 and majority of that will be going into my social security (self employment tax) and I also wrote a check for $550. Our account thought it would be wise we pay quarterly.
So I got a pay check and I took 15% and stuck it, to the side.

Our black cat is name after the neighbor to the Stevens on Bewitch, the KRAVITZ. This cat is newt male so we call him some time "Abner" 

It a lazy day around here. Hubby fell asleep in the lazy boy chair. Rain most of the day. When we do a time change for few days it seems one sort rummy for a few days. A lease I do. Not sure if we even need to CHANGE THE TIME anymore.

Coffee is on


  1. Carrie's little dog is very cute. So they let people with companion pets live in apartments?
    TN doesn't have a state income tax, but they tax the daylights out of us otherwise. They even tax the airspace that our Dish signal comes in on! DH pays state income tax to whichever state he works in. He seldom works in TN.
    Abner - cute!

  2. Real or fake Molasses? The real stuff sure has a lot of calories.

  3. Everyone bitches about the time changes but the damn politicians won't do anything about it.

  4. Years ago, we looked into moving to New Hampshire. No income tax. No sales tax. We were astounded to see how much the real estate taxes were. The tax people always get you in the end. By the way, BBC is right about molasses - and you may want to take a look at calorie counts on ketchup - and BBQ sauce, if you like BBQ sauce. Not a happy thing. Calories lurk in places you least expect them. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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