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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

No One Will Give

Weigh in was a bigger shock. I have gain the most in our weight lost group. Up two and half pounds. I'm even thinking of joining OA over eater anonymous
O.A is like any 12 step program they use to much quilt and God. But there sure something wrong with me, mental why I eat like I do.
Today was fairly good. Steel Cut Oats, with peanuts and raisins.
Lunch I took simple because Carrie had her appointments. Hard boil egg and I was going to eat one, but ended up eating two.
Yogurt, chicken leg and 6 crackers which I made into sandwich with goat cheese.
I'll have to take Carrie to her therapist and when we get back home. We will heat up last night chicken noodle soup.

There been grumpling that the majority of people in the RESTORIUM is people on Medicaid. Not sure if medicaid pays the full asking amount.
Our commission would like to remove the medicaid people which are poor people. And have it all private and if you see the price they charge. 
My grandmother Olive lived there. Unless they remodel the place. I know a lot better place then the Restorium for a lot less.
My mother in law is living in one in Spokane and she has a small kitchen, pays less for it. She in ORCHARD CREST  

Idaho had there primary and Candidate CRUZ took Idaho in the Republican primary. Which doesn't surprise me. Republican election is closed here
I change my voting this time around to Democrat so I can vote for Candidate SANDERS in our up coming caucus.
Our county didn't surprise me one bit when it came to the ELECTION 

There some of advantage of living in the small town. Doing in home care, the word gets out who to stay away from.
One is Donna and I knew one of her care giver walked out on her. Not sure what sort of stunt she pulled.
Usual when she had company she would get on her royal throne and talk down to you. Showing off her power, which she real didn't have.
A few times she would snap her fingers at me. And the other other girl she even whistle at.
Not sure what broke the straw off the camels back.
But as far as I under stand. There no one in this area will come to her home and take care of her.

Been doing some coloring and Murphy trim up my Jade plant.

Coffee is on


  1. Your plant looks quite healthy!
    I have no hints about weight loss ... probably up on the scale myself ...
    I like your coloring project!

  2. I have some hints about weight loss but - I am no one to talk; I have gained weight over the last three months. My stress eating. I need to take my own advice first.

  3. Have you tried a raw food diet? Not everyone loves them but those that do swear by them. And they are easy to do, no cooking and pots and pans to wash.

    If you just want filler stick to eating celery, as I recall, you can starve to death if that is all you eat. You can likely find some things to dip it in for varying tastes that is also no or low calories.

  4. I love your photos. Your plant looks beautiful. Your adult coloring page is neat. When it comes to weight loss, sometimes your muscles will start developing which makes you think you are gaining weight. It reality with on two weeks you should start dropping weight. If you are watching what you eat and exercising.

  5. I don't have any issues with weight, so I can't give you any words of advice there. But I do love your coloring. I color too. Can't seem to stay away from it. Take care!


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