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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Turds A Glore

Went around the drive way and with my husband. Picked up Daisy "Turds" I know it doesn't sound like much fun, and it wasn't.
But yesterday the 12th which was my birthday. My friend Alice and I went out to the Kootenai inn and played the slots for while.
Neither of us did all that well. When heading into the Casino one doesn't take very much money. I played on ten and she played on twenty.
The KOOTENAI RIVER INN offers a pretty good birthday special, up to $14 off of your meal. So I had cod.

The little work area I set up in smaller bedroom I like real well. Been working on hunter smilie. I went in couple of the local thrift store and bought a few items.
One thing I got was what they call a "gloss acrylics" to be honest I don't see the different between them and my old stand byes.
Still need to figure out the lightening and a better chair.
I saw a stool at one local thrift store, under $6.00. But I need to get the measurement would like a 18 inch across for the seat part.

Had or real didn't have to lay out the fabric for my next rag rug. But I wanted to know how I had of each color.
Notice I was short on brown and gold. Mostly the brown.
Absolute I need no red or green fabric

 Went to the thrift store and found these cute little stationary items. They was a $2.50 but I got them for 35% off.
Plus bought up some yarns and been working on shawl. I believe that what I will call it.
Don't believe you can see it. But I picked up this brown yarn and not sure what it is made of. I like it. The feel of it.

Not much was put out. But our local pagan group met for our monthly bullshit section. I and 2 others came.
I tried some type of lemon cider which was very good.
I under stand the IMBOLC celebration went well.
I hope I get this right when we have our next pagan celebration will be OSTARA and we're doing a tea party theme with it.
But our next general meeting will be last Wednesday of the month. Which will be 24th. And at six in evening at the visitor center, parking lot in Bonners Ferry.

Murphy and I watch the Republican debate. Reagan start with the ideal of trickle down. And what I see it wasn't work.
Tossing pennies at the poor don't help. I don't see any compassion coming from any of the Republican candidate.
The only one who possible has any would be JOHN KASICH

Yes. Once again I struggle with keeping on track with eating  and exercise.

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday! Daisies, very nice!
    I don't gamble well, myself.
    I never get to the thrift store anymore, you did well, shopping!
    I just can't watch the debates ...


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