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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Can I Believe it

Don't know why I won't say no when Carrie or Regis offers me desert. They offer me a piece of carrot cake. The cream cheese icing has ton of un=healthy calories.
Dinner only had two slice of potatoes. Mange to get a bit of walking in.
But I only wore a sweeter and should of had little more on. Stupid me.

Medicaid nurse was up today for Liz and Murphette. Possible for others. It hard to figure out how many hours someone would get.
Alice client gets 14 hours and is in a lot worst shape. Because she isn't mental ill, but is pretty much bed ridden. She doesn't qualify for as many hours.
Carrie gets 17.25 hours a week and she get around. Regis get 16.00 hours a week.
Liz been diagnose with a mental illness. But Murphette isn't, and Murphette uses a walker.
Go figure. In two weeks we should know how many hours these gals will be getting.
Still waiting for see how much they'll increase her hours by. The rate there going she will start doing cartwheels.

My goal is to get 10 more hours a week. That would put me up to a 30 hour week. It hard to tell where the hours will be put.
They have two different pay scales. When doing personal care I get $12.43 and hour. But doing house keeping I get $11.20 and hour.
So I'm not complete telling the entire story. The company I work for uses a 1065 K1. So I pay both end of social security, and what every other taxes I might have.
I figure I make about $10 and hour.
Two other agency pays there employees in $8 range and that gross.
Medicaid hasn't given a raise for the in-home care giver for three years.

LaWalla got her Low income apartment. Her rent is $54 a month. Not sure if that includes the utilities or not.

Coffee is on


  1. Hoping you get the hours that you want!

  2. $54 a month is a very good deal for rent even if you have to pay some of the utilities.

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Wow. Caregivers are worth so much more than what they're being paid, and housekeeping on top of that Dora?? Holy smokes.. And yet the pro athletes make millions. Who's lives are they enriching, other than their own and their select few?? I hope you get more hours, and hey, that $54 dollars a month for rent doesn't sound too bad, depending on what their check is.


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