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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Five Six Pick Up Sticks

    I have picked up some good health habits though T.O.P.S. Well on my home scale I weighed in at 209. Below 210.
As for eating I had scrambled eggs, with pepper and one piece of link sausage all cut up and 2 slice of toast.
Lunch is always four items. Tomatoes, banana, piece of cold pork steak, and dried garbanzo beans. When I got home I had some yogurt.
Dinner spaghetti squash instead of noodles, with ground beef and regular spaghetti sauce on it. Then for a later snack I had some peanuts, and dried pears. I almost miss something, corn.

It was a work day for me. Regis in the morning. Pretty routine we went over and got his BLISTER PACKS of medication.
The bubble pack works a lot better for him. Before he would get his meds mix up.
Took Carrie to her physical therapy in Sandpoint. I went over to the Library there which is just up or down from the place.
Got the other two dvd of ALLO ALLO and some quilt books. See if I can come up with any ideals for a baby quilt.

                                                        Coffee is on

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