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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seven Eight Lay Them Straight

Both Friday and Saturday went out to our north bench property and got 2 small loads of mix fire wood. Most of went in our basement. A small part of the load went out to the shed/barn it was on the green side. Believe it should be ready next spring.
I don't like to grip but this trip today out to get firewood didn't go all that smooth. Mostly the first half.
What start it all off I couldn't find my leather gloves, and of course I place them on the desk in our basement. When I got down with Fridays wood.
I kept trip over small stumps and snags. But the tape measure seem to giving me the most grief. We cut some fence post today also.
Well didn't matter what I did the tape measure wouldn't go back in. The brake thing wouldn't make it go in, it was stuck.
I gave it to Murphy in frustration and hit the button and the tape went in.
Between the two trips we got a half of cord of wood.

I sort though boxes and they got haul off to our local land field. Before I put in my ceramic shop. I need to clear out the clutter.
I'm looking at running my ceramic business as a part time SMALL COTTAGE BUSINESS with an LLC backing.

Been doing a little re-figuring what it will cost me to re-open a ceramic shop. One thing I did is over price and the amount of 2 by 4 I might need. I need only 20 of them. The current price for framing lumber is $2.80 each 96 inches long.
I'm now trying to figure out the measurement between my bisque and greenware shelving. I have the width which will be 2 feet and length will be 18 feet.
Then I will know how many plywood pieces I will need to get.

Pretty well know the general rule of thumb, how to price out ceramics. If a mold cost you $50.00 retail low fire ceramic greenware sales for $5.00, Stoneware the greenware will be $7.50, and porcelain will be $10.00.
If there is a some type of cut out or to add a piece it usual twenty five cents and item. Then if there is a low fire for overglazes it usual something like seventy five cent per item.
One thing I haven't figure how to price out is  OVERGLAZES. Some can be fairly expensive compare to other paints, but they go a lot farther.

My morning weigh in. I been under 212. One morning I was even at 209. When I step on the scale at my weight lost support group, T.O.P.S I want there scales to read less then 211.25
I been taking four items with me. A quart bag of peanuts and my husband and I seem to be quite satisfy by eating them.
I did have a tomato and a rice cake that taste like caramel kettle corn. Still nothing to eat after seven in the evening.

                                                        Coffee is on 


  1. Love the picture of that round pot. The colours come alive. Keep trying.

  2. Ceramics was one of those crafts I had always wanted to try when I was younger, until I got into quilting.


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