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Thursday, July 09, 2015

What. Is Correct

      I haven't yet got our official up coming T.O.P.S challenge at the last meeting I copied the daily task done.
One is to weigh daily. Wednesday on our scale I was at 207 pounds. (93 Kilogram) Thursday morning I was at 210 (95 kilogram) this is our home scale. Usual with a light weight night clothes.
This morning I had to go into the doctor and have them finish moving an mold off my back. There scale said I was at 218
Since my work day is almost like working swing shift. So I'm eating a late breakfast of bacon, eggs, and potatoes.
Ended up tossing part of my potatoes and eggs away. I was comfortable the amount I ate, can't see stuffing my self.
We're having Chicken for dinner. Not sure what else.
Did manage to get a short walk in this morning, after doctor appointment at nine this morning took a 15 minute walk. It was already starting to get warm.

      This weekend is our family reunion over at Alberts Landing up toward Kingston. Briefly talk to my cousin Amira didn't think that many was coming.
Like every thing in life. Family's have politics including mine.
But still need to figure out a potluck dish for Saturday dinner.

      Need to get ready for work.

                                    Coffee is on, Peppy


  1. I like potlucks...

  2. Kingston? Going to visit the old whorehouse while in that area?

  3. Bill...I guess every one heard of Wallace whore hourses


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