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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

It Just Might Happen

       Went down to Courd'Alene to see an plastic surgent to see about a breast reduction. I qualify in so many ways.
Rash under the boobs from sweat, I hang 40 centimeters. Almost 16 inches. They also figure there quite a bit of ware and tear on my upper back, shoulders, and neck. And the doctor guess I probably have arthritic in my back form the pull of my back.  My shoulders  aren't all that big.
To fit a top for my shoulder I would wear a small to a medium. But to fit my boobs I'm lucky a large top will do it.
I'll need per approval from my insurance company. Not doing for cosmetically reason.
He suggest I loose 20 pounds before the surgery.
Time the insurance company get back. I'm guessing they'll refuse it the first time around and I'm guessing it will take 3 to 6 months for me to even be on the operating table.

     Murphette is not staying here. Not sure where she at. But we're still letting her mail come here and she can shower once a week and if she needs and extra shower during the week, that will be ok.

      Eating been doing ok. Not going to write all down. I'm guessing all who stop by get tired of reading about the items I stick in my mouth.
No candy, cookies, or cakes for me. The trip down to south we took some cherries, cabbage, I just like to munch on raw cabbage.
We also took those gross orange looking crackers that taste like peanut butter. They weren't even open, Murphy diet root beer. If it was regular root beer I would of help him drink it. I had water and also a few boxes of juice, not open.

                Coffee on Peppy lady


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