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Monday, July 13, 2015

Back To Good Daily Habits I Believe

      Got back about midnight or early Sunday morning from the family reunion over in the Silver Valley.
About 50 family members. The relatives that lives around Courd'Alene were the closes. A second cousin came form around Vancouver Washington and she drove the farthest.
I've never spend much time in the Silver Valley area.

     Before I went I plan out how I was going to handle eating at potluck. Always plenty of good food and I knew I couldn't eat every thing. So for the potluck meals I was only eat 5 items a half cup of each thing. 4 and half cups of food total
Then the sweet table only four items. Confession time...I end up having six sweets. 
I need to clear up one thing about the meals. it was both for lunch and dinner. Didn't eat anything after seven.
Breakfast this morning Murphy had potatoes with peppers in them. Also scrambled eggs. The portion size was a little much. Before I started to eat I down size the meal, by removing some of my breakfast.
I'll take my lunch which will be a burrito. Dinner I'm not sure what we're having yet.
One thing at this time I need to be starting earlier on my walks, because of the heat. I walk four power line pole.
Weight in at T.O.P.S and new challenge tomorrow.

     Garden going gang buster. After we got back everything grew a mile. I know I'm stretching the truth a bit.
Got a good crop of raspberries but there so many yellow jackets and we can't get in there to pick. Good possible we will get stung.

      Our pagan Spairfitrea group had our first coffee and chat at the CHIC 'N' CHOP counting my self they were four who came. No talk of religion, politics, or spell casting.
Hope more of our group will be able to make for the one in August.

                                     Coffee is on


  1. what good is living if you can't have sweets! you deserve a few rewards for all your hard work.

  2. Your so right Billy. This up coming Saturday Hubby and I are meeting some friends for dinner and that day I'll have a sweet treat.
    Coffee is on

  3. Yellowjackets don't bother me, generally. Time for sweet snack....


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