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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mrs. J Laundry Of Sorts

I’m doing better on my time management. Honest time…I been blogging to much and decided not but my whole time blogging. No I’m not quieting but I also have a twitter and facebook accounts.

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Well front of the place looks bare and dry. Like always the weed sure do survive


My hodgepodge flowerbed seems to be doing ok. There a few things that I want to dig up and add to my royal sunshine flowerbed. I have plenty of early thing in there not much on mid to late summer blooms.
The hollyhocks are doing what they do best.
I got these at a yard sale and I don’t know what color the other two will be.

As for the “royal sunshine flowerbed” it real don’t have much as for mid to late blooms. I have flowers I remove from my hodgepodge flowerbed. The only thing is doing anything is my feather flowers. I never can remember there names.
But there room for more items in this bed

Faith gave me some Jerusalem Artichoke which she says they can be used in a stir fry but I’m not even sure when they can be harvest

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Last Monday I was reading some of my coffee pals and The empty nester posted this

At this time a fellow blogger is calling out for help.

I know how she feels and wish I could do more.
Can you imagine what it is like to be unable to work.
For both you and your hubby to be disabled.
The fear of homelessness and hunger.

This is what put me into the biggest depression of my life.
I was blessed though and did not know at that time.
Depression can make you wish you were dead..
We had no income but we had this home in the country that was paid off.
It is a dump but it is paid off. Most people are not this lucky.

We were also blessed our kids were grown.
She still has one in her nest.

My wish today is to help her.
I know there are so many now loosing there homes and going hungry.
But this is a chance to help one.

Please click on the link Vixen Den

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I been reorganizing my blog. I don’t have great computer skills I would like to place a picture on my header. They’re so many beautiful things here in North Idaho.
But this isn’t real what I came to blog at this moment.
I add new category “Great Sites” it’s on my sidebar. It has links to great frugal sites.
Today freebies this site might take a little bit to navigate.
dollar stretcher always great ideal for making a buck go father

Mommy saves big
seriously free stuff
With this tight economy one needs to be frugal. Money sure isn’t falling off the tree

MySpace Layouts 1.0

I found some new coffee pals recently and hope you have a few minutes to pop in. There may be a few updates on my coffee pal list also take a moment and check out these blogs.
October farms
Saoirse Daily 2
Random Autumnes
Miss R
The Branches
I find these blog with a wide variety of worldly traits

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My Uncle Lowell died he was 81 years old. I post later about him

MySpace Layouts 1.0

I don’t know how many lives in the Northwest area. I found this company called Azure standard it whole sale place to get organic and healthy stuff at reasonable price.
I just spilt and order with Donna

MySpace Layouts 1.0

In the know is coming up on the 25th of this month. Once a month I ask question hoping someone would play my meme.
This month question is “ What kind of plastic surgery would you have and why?”
Please past in the know around the blog world.
If you play let me know at Peppylady


  1. Thank you very much for you kind heart. I am very grateful. I am happy to find you care about others like I do. I have not tried twitter and facebook for fear of loosing interest with my blog.

    I love the flowers you have planted. And hope your artichoke turns out well.
    Be blessed my friend.

  2. Thank you for this. You are very kind. I truly appreciate it.

    Hugs and blessings


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