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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Next To the Corn

The garden I should say the veggie garden sure has it’s ups and downs. But in general I have been pleased.
The roll the one next to the corn, which now starting to developed, tassels on top.
The corn is at 2 ½ to 3 feet tall now

I don’t know why this roll seem to be having some what of ruff time. Compare to other place in garden.

Not sure how the tom tees is doing. This is our first year of growing them. I notice the leaves are little brown.

I haven’t a clue why these pepper are lagging behind compare to other ones in garden.

I would have to say the tomatoes in this roll might be one of the liveliest plants. My hubby likes early girl tomatoes or best boys tomatoes
We couldn’t find any early girl tomatoes. So we found best boy tomatoes here locally

It had been a while since we grew some eggplants. It has been also a while since we had a garden.
Maybe this recession got us up and put a garden in. Note time…From now when I speak of this recession it will be called the “Grand Depression” the great depression been taken.
But I have to say it been longer for eggplants.

I guess the only thing I can blame the squash plants on is wall mart. We got them when everything from there been picked over.
I believe we paid $1.00 or less for the plants. Confession time… I wish they do something. Except look have dead

This squash is called a blue hubburd.

This squash is a sweet dumpling.

I don’t what it is about this area of the garden but it seem to struggle.

I somehow mess up my coffee pals blogs I visit on regular bases. I’m trying to get my blog back in order.
If you notice I have a place on my side bar called “great links” all these links should take you to free site for free things or frugal sites.

My boys are up for visit for the day. Oh I haven’t told you that Bart move out. He and his brother Sawyer is renting a place in Post Falls.
Right now Sawyer is floating down the river.
Not sure what Bart is up to.


  1. Must be kind of weird not to have the boys home anymore. I hope they're making out okay on their own.

  2. Good luck with your plants. I gave up growing things except flowers. I had no luck.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. Our garden is doing pretty well this year. Coming in later than last year but everything looks good. Just harvested our first zucchini and we have been eating spinach and lettuce for months.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Have you ever had the soil checked to see if it has the right nutrients and such to grow veggies? Sometimes just an added bag or two of compost soil can help a lot. Our veggie garden is really late this year and everything is just now starting to come out of the ground...hopefully there will be enough time for everything to produce!! Our growing season here is so short and it doesn't help when it's made even shorter because of cold weather when it's supposed to be warm! lol xoxo

  5. It may take awhile for your garden to get 'off & running,' but it's so worth it! I have a compost barrel & am thinking of having my son-in law help me make a wire & post bin for beside it - I have enough stuff for a couple of bins - & it's best to 'turn' them occ. Like PEA said, it can help to add some compost, & if it's dry, you can try mulching to keep the moisture in!
    We have slugs & snails, so I don't mulch as much as I could.

  6. I've been growing veg too - we have had a lot of success with lettuces, but the slugs are having a feast too and my runner beans are very pathetic.

  7. Hope all is well and the garden does look pretty good!

    Have a great week
    Love, Jess


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