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Saturday, July 25, 2009

In the Know (Plastic

I asked about plastic surgery. If I would have or considered having any plastic surgery done or not. I would have to say yes.

I would have a breast reduction. The size of my boobs is bigger then a cantaloupe and smaller then a regular size watermelon.
I’m not all that big in shoulders.
When I go and try on tops it hard for me to find something that fit. It either to sloop in shoulder or I can’t button the buttons by the boobs.
The main reason I would have a breast reduction is to relieve the strain on my upper back

I believe this would be better for my heath. There possibility I could mess up and injury my back from the weight of my boobs.
I personal can’t afford this. We are one of the Americans who can’t afford heath insurance. The little research I done it would cost each of us at minimum rate of about $500 a month. (This is rate I heard one time and I have heard higher rates)
That over 30% of our income to purchase heath insurance.
I doubt the health insurance companies would pick this up and consider it selective surgery. I call it reconstrative surgery because my frame isn’t built to handle melon size boobs

Sure I thought of few other things but it purely cosmetically

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  1. I have herd it is paid for in some insurances as for health reasons like the back. But I do not know.

  2. We don't have insurance for medical.

  3. I don't blame you at all - huge boobs must be very tiring.


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