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Monday, June 01, 2009

Weather (May 09)

MAY 09
The hottest day in May was 96.2 (35.6) on the 25th
The coldest day in May was 30.6 (-0.7) on the 1st and 16th
Average high for the month was 70.5 (21.3)
Average low for the month was 37.8 (3.2)
Rainfall for the month 2 (5.08)
Everything in garden is planted.
Tulip, iris, star bethlehem, lilly of valley all bloom this month.
Heard thunder on the 5th
Bart graduated from high school.


  1. Congratulations Bart! Looks like May was a good month. Now we move on to June!

  2. mmm it's so interesting to see the normal states come to life, when our time has come and gone in Arizona and things are mostly on the dead and very bright and hot side.

    congrats to Bart!

  3. Congrats to Bart!

    We are having very hot days for the month of May and June! *sweating*


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