Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Same Ole With a Little Different Twist

I was going to gripe again about my job but what good does it do to grip about something that you real at this time taking any action and do something about it.
My Dad one who grip all the time about every little thing.
My mom said if she had a nickel for every grip he had we would be rich beyond rich.
Confession time… It irritates me when some one grips and does nothing or don’t try to do something about a situation there in.
I know I can’t real do anything about my ceramic business until Bart graduated from High School which will be Spring of 2009.
Confession time…I sometime I feel like telling her about my spiritual path So I could get fired.
You see every religion other then Christianity is thought up by the devil.
Also I’m afraid she might set on me and try to eradicate the devil right out of me.
Personal belief…I believe in good and bad spirits and out of fear and mean---nasty thoughts and ways bring in evil spirits.
So it usual are own doing by thoughts or action that we summons on what spirits that visit us

Actual I like my client Donna real well

I’ve set up my self a little goals to do on the days I work. Do three chores around the place, three chores when I get home, and sit the timer for 15 minutes after dinner to clean up or what ever.
So far it been working and I don’t feel guilty that I’m not super woman but I can recognize that I have accomplish something.
Even if it small

Sawyer finely sent me a picture of his Motor cycle that he crashed up.
I talk to Bart as he watch the basketball championship being played.
Well I guess Sawyer going to sell or trade off his bike for what every he can get for it. I understood the reason he bought it, gas.
He land on his cell phone and that works off and on now.
Plus the following day after the wreak he was on a job moving a couch and smashed it some more.
He will get him self back on his feet but I wasn’t all that thrilled about the motorcycle

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  1. I have to tell you.. I hate motorcycles. Glad he is okay..I'm sorry I'm not online much. I've just been busy, but will visit when I can.. Bunches of hugs....Stephanie


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