Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crash and Burn

Last Sunday Bart drove me down to the Unitarian Church in Courd’Alene Idaho and he dropped me off and as I told him that the service should be done about 11:30- and noon..

Bart took me to church and he went to take Sawyer his key to his motorcycle and Bart was following Sawyer with my car.

I gather Sawyer was doing between 40 and 45 and going around a corner and his bike went out from under him.

Someone called the police and report that Bart hit a motorcycle

Now back to the wreak Sawyer went sliding toward the side walk and there was a dip in sidewalk and Sawyer slide right up the place where wheel chair goes and as what gather he slide about 30 feet.
If it wasn’t for the dip in side walk he would of hit the curb and possible had worst injuries then what he had.
He ended up in someone yard.
I’m not sure which side he scraped up it was his left or right side.
He scraped his elbow and ankle on both sides.
To me this sounds painful his boxer elastic waist burn to his skin.

Well he got up and pushed the bike to one of his friend house it was pretty wreaked up and Bart thinks it totaled.
Honest time…I wasn’t all that thrilled about him buying a motorcycle but I understood the reason he did because of the gas prices.
Not sure what he going to do with it

He said he was going to e-mail me a picture of it


  1. Yikes!

    I'm glad he's okay though.

  2. Oh no! This is awful! I have heard about clothes burning to the skin in these wrecks. Oh I hope he feels better now. I can't even imagine your worry and fear!


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