Friday, May 17, 2024

Today Is Friday, May 17, 2024: This Is What Happened.


Our primary is this coming Tuesday, May 21st. To me the primary is more important than the general election here in Idaho. It mainly to stop the nut cases getting elected.

Had lunch at the senior center today. Chicken artichoke dish. It was really good. Got about 4 bags of food. It helps with the food bill.

Today we had a speaker who running for sheriff. I would like to see more candidates come and speak. I know there not enough time for candidates before the primary. But those who goes on to the general election. Murphy didn't like the ideal of the coming to speak at lunch time. He looked at as they're trapping there audience.

A short time ago. I thought of old friend. (Gene) I have no ideal of why start to think about him. So I went on to facebook and found out he had a page. Nothing was posted for sometime. I went and did internet search. And came up with obituary. Look like he died a couple of years ago. He died of LEWY BODY DEMENTIA. Which I never heard of.

I got married and had a family. And thought he did the same. But it looks like he never married. He continue to long haul truck drive. The most important part he was good hearted person. Always smiling. Maybe I will be lucky enough that he becomes one of my guides or stop in as a spirit. 

Did my morning walk. Still going to my 7th power pole. In 15 days I will go up to the 8th pole.

As many of you know I do Artist Trading Card, and I belong to a GROUP that trades art cards. A lady in West Virginia host a theme. This month it is dragons and mermaid. So I did up one of each and withfam self address envelope. She will pass them about. This is first time taking part in this swap. June theme will be beach. I've done some swaps with in this group.

I'm linking to FACE OFF.

Coffee is on.


  1. You have a really wonderful senior center, good food and groceries!

  2. I did think of an old friend the same as you and she had passed away at 59 years old, I was shocked.

  3. All types of dementia are cruel ways to die, it takes a long time and those family members close to the person are suffering just as much because they can't help.

    1. He was such a nice person. Hopefully he died in his sleep.

  4. It's odd to get that random thought about a person. Perhaps there was a reason he wanted you to remember him.

  5. Fun faces! Have a great weekend, hugs, Vaerie

  6. I had fun with these faces.

  7. I had a similar experience with a long ago finance. Looking online I found he had died in a motorcycle crash 5 years ago. I was surprised at how hard that news hit me. I wish we had a senior center like yours.

  8. You do have a great senior center. Fun art today. Thank you for joining FFO and have a great weekend.

  9. We don't even have a senior center anymore. Its nice you have a good one, where you can have lunch and even get food. I wish they did that here. Or had anything.


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