Friday, March 29, 2024

Today Is Friday, March 29, 2029: This Is What Happened.

I need to remember about Wordless Wednesday. This week's words are BEWILDERMENT, GOSSAMER, MIDNIGHT, WINDOWLESS, PREVIOUS, UMBRELLA, and SURIVOR. RIVER came up with these words. 

It has been said never to remove the gossamer from the old Johnson homestead. The house was built during the War of the Tulips, which has been over for at least eight generations. Still, people were affected by the war.

Now one of the direct descendants of the original Johnson family. Got a deed to the property. It is a direct descendant of the only survivor of Mary Johnson. Who left the area after the murder of her family. She married, had a family, and died of old age. Some say you will see about the property in the week of spring. Holding an umbrella, walking around the place. The last Sunday around midnight before she leaves. All of the town of Sassville. You will hear Mary yelling, "My revenge is your fate." Then she tosses a rock through a window and someone home in Cassville as she leaves. Someone every year becomes windowless. In previous years, it was a drugstore on Main Street.

Since the so-called tales of old Johnson Place, the people of Sassvile have been bewildered by the rock being tossed through the window.

Why not a photo of clouds? The clouds have been changing quite a bit today. I went to Physical Therapy. I got a copy of the check I wrote to the I.R.S. and the form at our library. I noticed an upcoming event I might be interested in doing—a potluck at some time. I need to look into it more. I'm linking to SKYWATCH FRIDAY.

Murphy and I went to the senior center for lunch. We got a good ole slap today. The senior center is being audited by several agencies. It looks like it could be closed for 3 to 6 months. 

Our senior center handles the low-income senior and disability apartments. 

They will have the Meals on Wheels program, monthly senior boxes, and the savaging food program. 

I'm still doing artist trading cards. I love Seattle Choc and made a collage using the wrap from the candy bar. For the other, I drew a woodpecker. 

These are my faces for this week. Linking to FRIDAY FACE OFF.

I posted this yesterday. Hopefully, someone can answer my question. Question time...I want to do a "Round Robin" in a different person. Do a page in my zig zag book and pass it to the next person. And not having the person look at the previous page. I would guess this has been done before. Who would you contact, or how would you go about doing this? 


  1. I'm glad you are going to the senior center, that's a good place. That was an interesting story!

  2. That's terrible about the senior center. And you've been going so frequently, too.

  3. The senior center closing for a number of months will be a huge loss to the residents. That is terrible news!

  4. A shame the senior centre is closing for a number of months.

    Sorry can't help you with your question about the 'Round Robin' hopefully someone will be able to help with your query. Just a thought there may be something on the internet about it!

    All the best Jan

  5. I like your cheery and colourful collage, and that sassy woodpecker!

  6. Nice art, sorry about the senior centre.

  7. I like the story, you used the words well. I have no idea for the Round Robin.

  8. I like your story. I am sorry about the Senior Center. Hopfully they have everything in order. Love your art too. Thank you for joining FFO and have a very nice day.

  9. I enjoyed your story. I hope all comes out well for the senior center, it is valuable to the community. I don't know what a round robin is so I can't be of any help.

  10. Quite the legend of 'broken window revenge' ~ fun ATCs creations ~ hugs

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbr)
    carol l mckenna

  11. Hopefully the senior center isn't closed for too long.

  12. Oh, dear, that's too bad about the senior center. Hopefully it will be on the shorter estimated time.

  13. I love those clouds. And I'm glad you shared your ATC's. They are great Dora. Have a wonderful weekend and Easter if you celebrate. hugs-Erika

  14. Hi again, Dora! I'm catching up, having returned tonight from a trip. That's quite a story ~ well done! I'm sorry your senior center is closing. We have one in Aurora, but it's a long way from our home, and I currently can't drive. I hope it reopens sooner than you expect. The clouds are wonderful! Enjoy your week!

  15. Oh no, the senior center is closing, I guess that is not very welcomed by many people. I assume that this is not only a place to get lunch, but also to meet other people, do some socializing etc. This must be hard for any senior who lives alone and might be quite isolated. I'm glad that Meals in Wheels will deliver food, though. Your ATCs are lovely, I especially like the woodpecker.

  16. I'm sorry to hear about your senior center. Three months seems a long time when not providing important services to the community. Fortunately the Meals on Wheels are still there but still... not good. I love your ATCs.


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Today Is Wednesday, May 22, 2023: This Is What Happened.

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