Sunday, May 28, 2023

Today Is Sunday, May 28 2023; This Is What Happened.


Yesterday I did feel like blogging, although I was pretty busy. With odds and ends around the place. We haul garbage and do some real shopping.

I went over to see Liz this morning. She seems to be doing fine. Glad about that.

I was looking into my great grandfather’s brother George. He was born in New Hampshire. He grew up in the state of Michigan. he got married and ended up moving to the Los Angles area. In the 1880 census, he was living at 53 Olive Street.

I was looking for a photo of that area back in 1880. What kind of home did my ancestors possibly live in? First, try connecting with a library or museum in the area. Then, when I have time, I can connect with a library or museum to see if they have what I’m looking for.

I tried to get a current photo of the area for a short time. But I couldn’t figure out how to save something from Google Maps. Well, there is no home in the area now. Did find his finely resting place.

It looks like this upcoming work week will be pretty slow—just local appointments. In the morning, I’m asking Regis if he might be interested in attending the memorial parade.

Tuesday, he has two local appointments.

One thing I plan to do is quit working on one of my art journals. Maybe the word “slowdown” might be more accurate. The journal I’m talking about is one I take to my art class. Every so often, I will do a page at home. I’m just going to lay it off at home.

I’m considering working on my other journal.

There are a few projects I want and need to work on during the week. Soon as I figure them out. I will let you all know.

Today’s musician comes from NEBRASKA. I’m featuring a band called MANNHEIM STEAM ROLLER. And the song GREEN SLEVES. With LYRICS.

Coffee is on and stay safe.


  1. On your windows laptop you can press alt-prtsc key to take a screenshot then press ctrl-v to paste it into say a word document

    1. To save something from Google maps

    2. Ooh, thank you :)

    3. Wait, will that work with Google Earth too?

  2. ...I haven't heard MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER in ages.

  3. Genealogical research can be very painstaking!

  4. Manheim Steamroller … we saw their Christmas concert a few years ago. Nice choice.

  5. Slowing down is good too at times.

  6. I have never bothered with any type of journal and I'm not likely to start now.

  7. It can be tricky to save Google maps information.

  8. It must be good to know that Liz is okay!

  9. I hope you get to go to the parade, it sounds like fun!

  10. My aunt used & was able to find out so much. It might help you get more info on your family.


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