Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Today Is Tuesday, March 28, 2023; This Is What Happened.


No more thoughts and prayers. A couple of bills I couldn't find a. Well, I found them. I stuck them in one of my art journals. See, last Wednesday, I thought we would make envelopes all pretty. So why not bill envelopes. Well, we didn't make the bills envelopes all pretty.

If I didn't find my bills. I would call and see if they accepted prayers and thoughts instead of me sending them a check.

Regis had his walk-through in his apartment. It went well. Liz has some yukie coming out of her skin. Looks like tiny shrimp. My guess is it possible some parasite. I suggest she goes to her doctor. Not sure if she will or not. I thought she was doing meth or something like that. I was wrong.

It starts with the foundation she put on.

Sometimes, only sometimes. I get anxious over things that one decision doesn't matter. I thought of doing some short stories. But I couldn't decide to type or handwrite. Them choosing to type or handwrite my stories. The world won't come to an end.

Today Musician comes from NEW HAMPSHIRE. The only site I found on the band SOPHISTICATED ADULT. The song that feature is SERIOUS ADDRESS. And lYRICS.

Coffee is on, and stay safe.


  1. No more thoughts and prayers. Policy change and action.

  2. Getting started is the hardest part. At least, I find that's true for me.

  3. Action on guns is needed for sure.

  4. Thoughts and prayers have been proved as a miserable failure.
    Mind, I did laugh at the thought of you sending thoughts and prayers to pay your bills.

  5. Liz might have scabies and needs to see a doctor! Be careful what you touch at her place so you don't catch them. In my opinion thoughts and prayers are useless when it comes to paying bills and stopping gun massacres.

  6. I think my bank won't accept thoughts and prayers. That sounds bad with Liz, yuck! Hugs, Valerie

  7. ...I'm sick and tired of thoughts and prayers.

  8. We have a gun problem.

  9. Great idea for utility bills---ask if they accept thoughts and prayers. That cracked me up. I may try it. Especially for internet bill. The gun lovers club is sure loud. So many die.

  10. Doesn't sound good with Liz, perhaps she should see a Doctor.

    All the best Jan

  11. Hope Liz goes to doctor. It sounds serious. I still pray & meditate. We must have hope.


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