Saturday, March 25, 2023

.Today Is Saturday, March 25, 2023; This Is What Happen.


Got the trash held. So on the way back, we stopped and took some photos of Black Mountain, part of the Purcell range. Then also of Roman Nose, part of Selkirk range.

Boy, or girl. Idaho legislative session is pretty crazy. There is still coming for public library and school library. Since I work, I have yet to go to the board meeting. But still, there is a group of people. Thinks there is porn in the library. Though I don't get items from the children section. But yet, I haven't seen any porn in any library, including ours.

I have been slowly watching a video at our last BOARD MEETING, which is about an hour and a half long. I have been trying to find which books these people want to ban certain books. So far, no luck. I even asked on a local conservative Facebook group. Who seems up in arms about our local library.

One good thing is that our library spans part of the inter-library program. I plan to address the board on this issue. There are some DVDs neither our library nor the one in Bonner County doesn't have.

A close-up of Selkirk range and tree farm of spruce. The wind was blowing, and I didn't spend much time on the photo. I want to get a shot. But I didn't want to deal with the cold wind.

Then the other thing our state legislative session wants is to give 5,000 to each child in a family. And the family can use it as they see fit for their children's education. Only some children fit into public school.

But these parents can choose, possibly private, faith-based schooling or home school. But the three I mention don't need to have accountability. So I know a few families who attempt to home-educate their kids. Opinion time...It was a joke. These kids are now grown, and their own kids are in public school. So far as I'm sure, it is a form of child abuse. These kids should have checked if they were getting a popular education. I would have less of an issue if more than public schools here in Idaho had to be held accountable.

Yesterday I was playing the video over at YAM. Abner seems quite interested in bird calls. I actually got quite a bite done.

Today the musician is FRANK ZAPPAwho is from MARYLAND. The song I choose of his is COSMIK DEBRIS. Here is LYRICS.

Coffee is on, and stay safe.


  1. Cool photo of the cat. You know I’m obsessed

  2. $5000 per child is not much to cover a year of education, with books and clothing, lunches and school fees. Is the government just going to hand this out without checking the child actually goes to school? Is the money paid directly to the parents all at once or over the year?

  3. The schools will love to grab the $5,000 and it needs to be administered well.

  4. Beautiful cat! xxx

  5. ...they are upset about book, they are upset about ideas. Books are easier to control.

  6. Politics are strange in Idaho.

  7. Lovely to see the mountains, here it is all very flat in the Rhine Valley. Hugs, Valerie

  8. The whole country is going crazy. Our legislature wants teachers to carry guns with no training, to protect the kids, they have declared war on trans students, and are convinced that school librarians are grooming kids for sex with porn. A bunch of garbage.

  9. The mountains are beautiful! Hey, if there are no books on the book ban list it should be pretty easy.

  10. I'd register all my cats as children to get $5000 each and take a fantastic vacation! I can almost feel the joy!

  11. Those mountains look lovely.


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