Saturday, February 11, 2023

Today Is Saturday February 11, 2023, This Is What Happen.


A repeat bucket list or goal. I don't know how many times I said about walking to the ORTHODOX church. I only made it to the third pole. I use power line poles to keep increasing my steps toward my goal.

I took my camera, turned around, a look backward toward the Selkirk Mountains. So this is my photo of the day.

I finished reading MAUS.

A well-known banned book. I am trying to understand why it was banned. The story of the Holocaust is an essential part of history and the human psyche. However, the relationship in this novel is what completes this story. The son is trying to understand his dad and his generation. They are even times I still need help understanding a particular generation.

MAUS II is on my reading list. Since I own the first one. I will buy the second one. Right now, I justice started reading THE ESSENTIAL WRITINGS OF SABINA SPIELREIN; after that, I will get back to the book my cousin wrote, A BIRD IN HAND. After that, I don't know what I will read.

Murphy and I went to the dump station and to the store today.

I watched the last DVD I got from the library in Sandpoint. The Cherry Orchard. It took me a little time to understand what it was about. Regis got an appointment in Sandpoint on Tuesday. THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSON is what I'm trying to put on the hold shelf. It is due back on the 24th of this month. Just put in a request for THE DEER HUNTER. One of my goals is to watch everything Meryl Streep has been in.

I want to see everything that Orson Wells did. That might be somewhat difficult.

I'm trying to figure out which EIGHTY-EIGHT things I want to do or experience before I kick the bucket. But I want to be reasonable Statement time...There limited income we have. So being a world traveler is out of the question. There is plenty of adventure out in the world for me.

Managed to get another photo in on my walk. Clear sky's all day. Going to Spokane tomorrow for my birthday. My son Bart and we are going over to the MAC.

For Christmas, they got me LUMIX DMC-TS25, so this will be my first time using it.

Today artist is METIN YURDANUR who is from TURKEY

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. Your photos are terrific, especially the first one.

  2. What a lovely piece of earth you live in. stunning

  3. Like Andrew said, your photos are lovely. I have never seen The Deer Hunter.

  4. Lovely photos, we have no mountains near here! Hugs, alerie

  5. Happy Birthday! Keep reading, it is free and fun. I have a waterproof camera, at times it is the perfect tool for the job. Some people walk in the rain, some just get wet.

  6. Happy birthday!

    Why is Maus banned? Or why is it really banned?

    The reason given is that it portrays the characters without clothes, walking naked into the gas chambers. They are mice!

    The real reason, I think, is that it’s different from most Holocaust literature, it doesn’t have an uplifting message. Not only does the protagonist experience unbearable horrors, but his experiences color the life of his family, his son. It’s “too real”.

  7. Happy Birthday tomorrow! Nice photos

  8. Enjoy your day with family!

  9. You do have a lovely area for a nice brisk walk!

  10. You live in such a scenic area, especially shown by the first photo. I think Maus has been banned mainly because it makes people uncomfortable. I can remember reading about the Holocaust in books for young readers published by Scholastic. Would that be done today? I wonder. Alana

  11. Happy birthday. You've got a lovely place to walk.

  12. Happy Birthday :) you live with the most beautiful landscape and your photographs are really good, I hope there will be plenty more now you have a good camera. I don't have a bucket list, maybe I should - there's certainly plenty I want to do. I am lucky to be travelling a lot, it's what we have always done since we met 40 years ago, we would save every penny for travel rather than spend out on clothes or the house and our sons have the same travel bug too but if you can't travel and finances don't allow, that's the great thing about blogging - a window on another part of the world, that's why I started blogging. I probablly wouldn't know of many places if it was not for the bloggers who live there! like you :) I think you will enjoy The Deer Hunter although it made me very sad. I can't read about the holocaust, I get upset but I did visit Corrie Tenenbaums house in Haarlem where here father, the watch repairer, had hidden many jewish people and helped them escape the Nazis - we sat in the lounge, they had the original furniture in there and the atmosphere was electric, it was an incredibly moving experience (I cried) even though the guide was speaking Dutch, I had read the book and being there made me realise what people sacrified, the risks they took to help. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy all your books and have a fabulous birthday. Betty

  13. Beautiful photographs.
    Happy Birthday Wishes.

    All the best Jan


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