Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Today Is Tuesday January 31 2023, This Is What Happen

 Start to look up prices of air flights and train to go down to Medford, Oregon. To go down to see my family down there. It is cheaper to fly into San Diego. And Amtrak site is having issues.

I came home from work and looked for the remote for our Blu-ray player. Since I have tomorrow off, I wanted to see if the remote does things. Like, turn the power off and on. Plus, see if the reject button works. Finally, if that's all ago, I would like to know how to hook up streaming.

Liz and I went to Sandpoint. She had her appointment. I took a short walk. The cold weather sends me back in. I read some more of my current book. 

We both stop at the dollar tree. I bought some Valentine's cards and stickers, which I will send to my granddaughter. 

Today art is from THAILAND

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. When it’s cold and wet outside I love to sit and watch movies while crocheting or knitting.
    In the nicer months I tend to stay outside.

  2. ...I am glad to have a warm and comfortable house on these cold days.

  3. It is bitterly cold here today nd 5e rest of this week. Take care, Peppy.

  4. Flying over there sounds like a good idea

  5. It's cold and windy here, too. Have a great week, Valerie

  6. It's pretty easy to hook up streaming through a smart TV. I'm not sure how to do it via a Blu-Ray player. The first thing you have to do is put in your WiFi password (so it can access your internet).

  7. We bought Roku for $40 and are able to stream all kinds of free stuff. We don't miss cable/dish.

  8. It seems crazy that it is cheaper to fly.

  9. I want to visit my Idaho brother this spring, but Amtrak takes me up to Portland then all the way to Spokane, then a bus down from Spokane to Boise and it takes forever and is not cheap. So I looked up Greyhound prices. They have a route through Central Oregon to Boise out of Eugene, but not in the winter. It may run again by spring, its hard to tell on their site. Otherwise, it heads up to Portland and across and down. The cheapest fastest way to get there is to drive. Boise is almost straight across east from me, but afraid my high mileage car, that might spell the end of it.


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