Sunday, January 29, 2023

Today Is Sunday January 29 2023, This Is What Happen.


Two more days left in the month. I'm drawing a blank on what to blog about it. At the time, I wished my life wasn't so routine. But then, on the other side of the coin. I'm blessed my life isn't full of drama.

Well, I got my letter to send off to the editor and I did get my letter written to my elected officials...


My letter was published in only some of the papers. But the main thing about my letter is to have constituents communicate with their elected officials. All voices need to be heard. Both at the federal, state, and local levels.

Since I wrote a letter to the editor, I should follow through on asking my fellow citizens to contact their elected officials. Regardless they vote for them or not.

I'm a multi-potentiality. And I have a list of twenty-one things I want to bring up and voice to. So I'm only choosing three and a half of them.

 The three and a half I'm selecting are abortion, education with social media, and election.

It would be a little fair that I should write a few lines about myself. I'm a young sixty-three-year-old. I'm a wife, mother, and grandma. I'm getting ready to retire from doing in-home/personal care. I have quite a few interests. I enjoy walking, learning, researching, being creative, writing, and reading. My current book I'm reading American Jezebel. The following three books on my reading list are Sabina Spielrein: The woman and myth. A year in Cherry Brook-A Bird Hand, Red Book, or The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady.

To me, it seems that those who are pro-life or anti-abortion from what I saw. So I would use the term.

"Pro Fetus" After birth, the ultra-conservative doesn't think it necessary to support programs that might help a person do better. I'm sure others out there look at the Pro-life crowd as a hypocrite. Since some only care about the fetus after they're born. It becomes a different situation after they arrive out of the womb. I wonder if you have any plans to help those who have been born? It doesn't matter the age. And hopefully, you are not of the mindset "Pull your boots up by your bootstraps" or Trickle-down economy."

One thing that needs to be taught in school is how to use the internet and social media correctly. Growing up, my parents received some magazines, a local daily paper, and a weekly village paper. They watched the local and national news for a total of one hour. But now we're smitten with. I google "news," and it came up with over twenty-four billion. First, one needs to feel that it is all right to look at both sides of a coin. Then, starting in sixth grade, start looking at both sides of a different subject.

I like to bring up algorithms on social media. I'm not talking about ads on social media. Any activity on social media usually goes to those who agree with your ideology. 

What I see on my social media accounts are 

things and such that I concur with. However, the truth is that not everyone agrees with them or with me.

In my school of thought. "Things posted or shared on social media should be at random. Not algorithm.

Not using the algorithm system, but some random system with social media.

 It would lessen the divide and polarization. 

Now for last, I want to bring up the election. My mind keeps wandering over to the campaign and how candidates behave. But I want to keep it to the election.

I know it hard to change the constitution is hard to change, and it should be. But I have to say, "I feel my vote doesn't count here in Idaho. Most states sit up as the electoral college votes to take all. I would like to see it broken down into a percentage. Maine and Nebraska are set up this way. 

At this time, it would not change the election result in Idaho. Voting should be right, not a privilege. And easy to exercise one right to vote. I have no issue with showing essential identification at a poll.

I hope you respond in person. I wish you a blessed day.

Just finished reading American Jezebel. It was a good book. Anyhow it seems that if a female sits bound and stands up for her own ideals. It is considered a Jezebel. I have just started reading The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady. I also went to my local library and asked if they could find this book through the inter-library, The Essential Writing of Sabina Spielrein: Pioneer of Psychoanalysis. My goal is to read 24 books this year. I have a FOURTEEN list over at GOODREADS.

Question time...Any one book I should add to my reading list? 

I would like to watch all the films MERYL STREEP has been in. I've seen five of them. I'm trying to choose what actor I want to see all of his work. Another thing I would like to see all of ORSON WELLS's work

I got all of February things done in my bullet journal and the first half of the March calendar

Today art comes from the country of TAJIKISTAN

A photo by YUXIAO TAIN


  1. Meryl Streep is amazing, enjoy. And Orson Wells is classic.

  2. Good for you for your public activism! And I like the Tajikistan art featured here on your blog today!

  3. I like Meryl Streep, she was in Silkwood, also in Kramer vs Kramer, both old movies from the 80s I think.
    I think the Electoral College should be disbanded and not allowed anymore. It's an unfair system.

  4. I am sure I read The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady many years ago and it was a good read.

  5. I agree with you, my life is routine too every day the same !!

  6. Now you have more time for you public activism. Well done, Peppy.

  7. I think you would like The Memory Keeper of Kyiv by Erin Litteken, I wrote a review about it here:

  8. Oklahoma is kind of like Idaho. The GOP controls it all. I've been a Republican for decades and if I switched to Democrat I would be disenfranchised because the primary elections are where the winners of the general election are decided.

  9. good post touching on many topics

  10. Have you heard of IMDb? If you're planning to see all of Meryl Streep's movies, that's where the list would be. It's You can search actors or films or TV shows, and they're all listed.

  11. Keep going with your activism. Someone somewhere will hear you!


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