Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Today Is Tuesday August 16 2022, This Is What Happen.


Notice we're half way though the month of August, and it been plenty of heat here. I heard on news they except it to be warmer in near future. Scary! The heat can wear one out. If my client haven't found new care givers. I will be only working two days a week. This time next year.

Just start on my letter to the editor. It about our Library in my community. My guess it will be ready to go toward the end of the month. So Thursday I have book club meeting at pearl and afterward there having organize meeting on local happen at our library. I want to bring up the TREVOR PROJECT, which is connect with 20 MINUTE READING CHALLENGE for the month of September. I don't know if they have anther connection other that facebook.

It says I'm not a fast MARATHON RUNNER. I have to agree. This is first time I set a timer for my exercise. I did 6 minute of standing and floor exercise.

Actual start embroidery quilt block.

Today Artist is JAHAR DASGUPTA who is from INDIA

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. Keep up the exercise

  2. ...we are having cooler nights, great for sleeping.

  3. You are involved in some exciting issues and activities right now! I like the artist you've featured today!

  4. I’d love to see the letter when you finish it

  5. It's still August? I've totally lost track. (School started. I'm used to school starting in September. I've lost the year.)

  6. I could use a little warmth. We have winter now and so far in half of August we have had more rain than we got in the entire month of July. And it is still raining. Australia does need rain for sure, but a warm winter day now and again would be welcome.

  7. It is very warm here too. I do hope it doesn't get any warmer. I like the paintings. Keep up your exercise. Time is really flying pass so quickly.

  8. It’s cooler here this last week. Good luck with the library!

  9. The zebra image is especially nice IMO!!



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