Today Is Wednesday September 22 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)

 Usual Yesterday I talk about my health challenge and adventures. Although at this time I just keep my self under 205. I haven't really worked on loosing or keeping to a plan that is health. I just don't have it in me to go full bore ahead. I guess one would say I'm a modified version of getting fit. I gave my self permission. I know I will get moving forward in life once again. I'm not giving up.

Than on Wednesday, which is today I try to do some writing challenges. I will be doing NUMBER 28....which is "What is the best feeling in world" Not sure if it actually a feeling or not. But I have to say "Being Understood" although express one self can be awkward it doesn't matter what age you are. Than they're time we might not even understand our self. This is why I'm trying to line up a therapist to help me sort out and or understand my feelings and such. I know we will never understand totally understand other people. Simple reason is we don't listen totally to other and even our self. Sad things there time we get to busy with our own thoughts and such. If we took a few minutes to just shut up and listen. And try to understand the world wouldn't have as many hurt feelings.

Regis neighbor Edward hasn't been around and couple package been piling up on his door steps. So Liz had his number and gave him a call and found out he came down with covid. Ended up in hospital down in Kootenai County. As far as I know he wasn't connect to a ventilator. But he does have kidney dialysis 3 times a week. His sister and him thought this entire thing was hoax. She wore a mask because her employer required it. Nothing to serious Edward would see me out in store and sort of rib me about having a mask on. Nothing nasty or cruel. This is what got me. I know a few people thought because Mark blood was being process that the virus of any sort was being clean. So he had no worry about covid. 

To best of my knowledge Bart surgery happens the 30th of this month. I been hearing some people have trouble getting there medical needs meant. But than I hear things are getting meant. So one doesn't know what to believe. I don't take much trust what coming though on facebook. But still I like more people to take this virus seriously. Bart amazing and he will do what needs to be done. 

This is last little bit of eco dying. I'm going work on my fabrics and later on read some blogs. Plus I figure my version of Pluto going though Aquarius. I liked to get start before end of the month. 

  1. That's too bad about Edward, very scary. We're sending positive vibes for a most excellent outcome for Bart.

  1. You're right -- being understood is so important! Talking to a therapist can often be very helpful, I've found in my own life. Good luck!

  1. I keep hearing stories about people who though the virus was nothing, and now they're dead.

    I always say the best feeling in the world is the cessation of pain. I say that when the pain pills kick in after something's been hurting.

  1. I never watch my weight, but then I'm not overweight. I eat whatever I want, but the trick is eat it in moderation. I also have a gin or two every night. I don't know if that's healthy, but my late paternal grandmother did and she lived to be 101.

  1. Sorry to hear another person has covid. I haven't been eating healthy lately, but I haven't put on any weight, so that's good.

  1. Those people who get infected with covid: I take it that after doing so, they finally realize it's not a hoax?

  1. Too many people don´t really listen, that´s sadly true.
    Well, wearing a mask and keeping distance, huh, always a good choice... Good luck for Bart.

  1. Good luck for Bart's operation. I never understand why people don't believe in Covid! Valerie

  1. is something that we easily take for granted. With Covid it's amazing that people don't take things seriorsly.

  1. That Bart doesn't receive surgery until the 30th sounds like there is a lack of urgency, which is surely a good sign.

  1. It is so real but some people still don't see the seriousness of Covid. I know someone who lost her parents in a week due to Covid. Hope Bart's operation will go smoothly.

  1. Sad about Edward and the other covidiots. I hope things go smoothly for Bart.

  1. Glad Bart is getting his surgery. I am hoping the best.

  1. I hope Edward survives Covid. Sad he didn’t take the vaccine.

    I hope Bart’s surgery goes ahead as planned too!

  1. Oh gosh, yes I have to agree with you - being understood!

  1. I don't understand that lots of people are against the vaccin ! I have heard today that in Germany all those who are payed by the government and refuse the vaccin won't get payed anymore !

  1. I used to love to write. My cousin and I always wrote really long letters, then I would write a journal for a bit but since computers I don't write much of anything any more. Course now that I think about you could be writing on the computer...haha

  1. I think it depends on where you are and if the hospitals are full whether or not medical care is delayed. The beginning of 2020 my husband cancer treatment was delayed for 3 months because of Covid.

  1. Good luck for Bart's operation.
    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  1. O,sorry to hear about Covid. My good wishes to speedy recovery.

  1. Glad that Bart has a date for his surgery.

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