Today Is Tuesday September 21 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)

The weather been fantastic and listen to Biden speech or part of it. As he was address the U.N. 

Morning been some what struggle. This morning wasn't as bad as a lot of mornings. But still I have to push my self though my life. This morning even if the lawn had dew on it and got my shoes wet. I walked around the place and soaked in the sun. 

I got some blue strips cut for the up coming quilt. I can't tell you exactly how long I been working on it. I know it been sometime. Color blue seems fairly easy to come by. 

Quenella and I had out morning coffee and I got my self a muffin. In colder months we won't be meeting. I might go out to her place once month for a visit. She thought of meeting in car, but I wasn't into it. Like in my POST yesterday. Under the Sun as well as other business here, they don't take covid seriously. 

Quenella got a journal about grieving and she said she wasn't into journal. Confession time....I was supervise how much I like journal/blogging. I guess they might be local grieving group though Lutheran church and she planning to donated to them. I might of done a few journal pages when I was in school. But I under stand journaling start to go more after I was out of high school. When I grew up a little expression of anything mostly emotions wasn't part of my generation. We learn or was expect to suppress them. Sooner or later some kind of trigger brings them back to top.

Interesting day at work. Both my client Liz and Regis doesn't have what I would say good "Coping skills" not saying mine is top notch. But earlier Liz and her son Cyrus got into this spat. Couldn't make heads or tails of it. Anyhow I really wasn't try or even wanted to. Cyrus was on lunch and went back to work. I thought she was talking to her therapist and she came out of the back room and was staggering about and pass out. Regis and I got her up the couch, she was dead weight pretty much. Been though this before. So took Regis to the store and found out she called her social worker up. Or was it the other way. Not sure on that. But found out she took anywhere from 10 to 15 Benzodiazepines. The medics was called and of course the police comes. She semi came around and agree to let medic look her over and her vitals was in a good range. So they asked if she want to go to hospital or not. She refuse. I don't think she want to deal with the issue between Cyrus and her. So she want  to blank out as quick as possible. Honestly I'm sure she didn't want to end her life. One thing I don't understand how the doctor rights out prescription for them and knows she drinks. I know they only give small quantity. 

Here some eco printing I did on paper. Maybe before Sunday I can explain how I did eco printing.

Coffee is on and stay safe

  1. I feel sorry for Liz who can't cope, but she really needs to try a different method or one day she will take too many.

  1. Wow. Liz needs to be careful. I've read about so many people dying of accidental overdose. Maybe she needs one of the suicide crisis hotline numbers so she can talk to someone. And you, Miss Dora, make sure you keep pushing yourself thru life! The world needs you. Your people need you. :)

  1. I swear find the prettiest and most fun fabrics and patterns.

  1. That sounds like a bad situation you had to cope with. The fabrics you have are lovely, and the eco printing looks good! Have a great day, Valerie

  1. We also have beautiful weather that's really good for the mood. Usually somebody who says that he wanted to die will never commit suicide, for that you need a lot of courage !

  1. I’m glad you helped the lady.
    It’s sad when people take an overdose. No they don’t always want to die. They just want the pain to go away for a little while
    Your patchwork is looking lovely. Pretty fabrics

  1. ...keep pushing and hope things get better.

  1. That was an scary situation with Liz. I hope she gets help.

  1. A little sun will do us good. Meeting in the open is better than in the car. We were told to wear mask and to wind down our car windows if we have passengers not from the same household. Scary situation with Liz, hope she will be willing to seek profession help to deal with the issue with her son.

  1. We hope Liz will be okay, that's pretty scary.

  1. The situation with Liz must have been scary. Glad she’s ok for now.

  1. After the charismatic Obama, the appalling last President, Biden seems rather boring. Perhaps that is just what is needed.

  1. That sounds pretty scary.

  1. Fine weather always lifts my mood.

  1. The fabrics you show in your picture look lovely.

    All the best Jan

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