Today Is Wednesday July 21 2021, This Is What Happen


Don't know how well my story or how well I handle number 29. I didn't sleep all that well during the night. My back hurt, had leg cramps, pee every 1 to 2 hours, and kept dreaming. I was pretty well exhaust when woke up. Got up and went to work. 

  1. If you got trapped in the mall overnight, what would you do there?  Describe all the fun hijinks you could have.
I don't how comfortable I would actually be. Since I know there all sort cameras watching us in malls now. I would get my phone and call someone to let me out. If I could have free range. I hope some would be kind and give me money amount that I could use in the mall. One thing I hope there trampoline and roller skates, so I can jump and skate about. As for items I would be interested would be more practical items, undergarments' hygienic items, cleaning items for house, household paper items and possible clothing items. Depending on what actually need. As for frills I would be looking at fabrics, crafty items, craft tools, and purse. If I don't have permission I wouldn't take any of items. Let say the mall gave me $200 free items. I wouldn't go a penny over. Although If I was up to let say $198 I wouldn't expect $2 in change back. But if I went over I would make sure the difference is made up. In all honesty I would be bored to tears in mall.

Finish up organizing some of my red fabrics, and giving some to Poet, Regis neighbor. It look like soon I will be going though a white elephant bag of fabrics. And hopefully sew a few blocks for my 2 inch squares. Well it moving forward.

Regis and I went to Sandpoint and he need some supplies for his Zofran injection stuff. Such as needles and syringes. Our local area doesn't have medical supplies store. Anther medical thing would benefits people here medical would be dialysis center. As Regis was getting his supplies, I found this rock. I will hide in my community.

Coffee is on and stay safe 


  1. Yeah, one wouldn't get locked in a mall nowadays. Most of us have cell phones and would just call someone to let us out. How many stories would be ruined if the characters had a cell phone?

  2. If I were trapped in a mall I'm pretty sure none of the shops would be open, I think trapped means accidentally locked in after closing time. I would call the emergency number and hope to be let free. Otherwise I would just find somewhere to sleep until opening time.

  3. "Stay safe". That is indeed something that we need to tell one another these days. What a world we now live in. :(

  4.'s been so long since I've been to a mall that I can't remember it!

  5. I don’t really like malls or shopping.

  6. Oh I would hate to be locked in a shopping mall Dora, even with money to spend, it would be a very long night ☺️ Good to hear you are getting on with sewing your squares. Love the rock you found, pretty blues. Was lovely to see your son and grandchild a few posts back, adorable 💜

  7. What do they have in malls now. I'd be trying on clothes, makeup, making myself juice freezies, if they had that store there, sliding down railings maybe, trying on hats, posing with manicans, doing dance videos, shooting a bow and arrows from a sports shop, clumping around in all kinds of shoes I'd try on, oh the list goes on and on. I have not been in a mall in so long I can't remember how long.

  8. I guess if I were locked in a mall and couldn't get out I'd go to the food court and find some food to fix, then to the bed store and take a snooze until opening time.

  9. I loathe shopping malls, I'd probably go mad if I was trapped in one overnight! x

  10. I like that rock.

  11. I would window shop and sleep on a bench, if they were replaced after the pandemic.

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  13. Being trapped in a Mall during the Daytime when it's open and my Grandchild insists I take her is more than enough. *Winks*


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