Today Is Saturday July 17 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Saturday, July 17, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)

 I sometime don't know what I want to post about. Or in which order. It doesn't really matter. 

So glad to see my son Sawyer and his family. This is his youngest Bree, and my youngest grandchild. We spend a little time at Beach in Sandpoint. And we were planning to do a family photo, with my youngest son Bart family. But his daughter Claudia end up in E.R with what they thought was a seizer and had M.R.I and it showed nothing. So some other test will be ran, although sure of the date. So they will be other times for a family photo.

Had a chance to organize some of my fabrics, and even cut some strips for a quilt I been working on for dawn of time. Well it seems like it. This fabric I would call gold and black. I have a tote of black scrapes. But no gold. I'm not sure if I honestly need to a gold tote. I will wait and see if I get more golds shades. Some time my golds leans toward yellow or orange.

It been a while since I did any tarot and or oracle cards.

This time I let an oracle card. fall out. The dance one fell out, and it talked about celebration, and dance is an creative out let. I never took dance. But I recall when I was younger in back yard, I thought I was and airplane. I would run the entire length of our back yard, as I was going to take off. Than I would also do tilts and other movements. Maybe some place in my head, I was leaving and escaping.  I'm working on giving my self permission to celebrate joy without food or guilt.  

Not going show or share my complete lay out. The hey you "cards" getting my attention. 

Statement time....I feel of over whelm and frustrate.  I let my creative supplies get out of control. And I know there no way I could put in entire day of cleaning and organizing it. I work little over 30 hour week. But during the week I could  put in let say around  45 minutes per week towards taking care of my creative supplies. And then I would have more time for my creative outlet, and less frustration. I have tools to be organize. Than also I let my self be tided and don't move forward. 

Moon is emotional and than there is strength to pull or push one self though an obstacle in one life. But when we can't deliver it on our own. We need to call in a love one. But than we our responsible for our choices in our life. Their time we should be on our own and other time not. 

Still low rate of vaccine here. Our county hasn't made 25%. Than our state is not quite at 37% yet. Unless our vaccinated rate goes up. If something happen to Regis and or Liz. I won't be looking for anther client. Hubby said "I don't blame you" Than I've known children sneaking off to get there shots and so there parents, won't find out. These are grown children. Than on other hand I know parents of grown children sneaking off to get shots. Ate Breakfast at Kootenai inn, and ran into someone we known for long time. There children also grown and two of there kids, refuse to get vaccinated. I say there nothing can be done. It not like there little kids and you haul them in to get their childhood vaccines.

Spaghetti for dinner, and still hot and dry. It look like there no relief in next week or so.

Coffee is on and stay safe

  1. ...I hope that all works well for Claudia.

  1. Your grandbaby is adorable. I hope your other grandchild is ok and they find the issue quickly
    I haven’t done a tarot spread for ages might have to get them out and see what they say

  1. Sweet grandchild, you are blessed. Terrible about the vaccination rate.

  1. I'm amazed you blog daily. I tried doing that for a time a few years back and it's not easy!

  1. delightful grandchild. hope the seizure issue with the other is a one off.

  1. Nice to be with the family.
    Hope all well with Claudia. My good wishes.
    Glad to see your son and grandchild.
    I hope the vaccination rate picks up gradually.

  1. It's a shame people choose to not get vaccinated. My niece is the same, won't get her shots. I hope nothing happens to her, she has a little boy almost 9 and there's no way I could take him in.
    I think vaccinations for a plague such as this one should be mandatory.
    I thought that gold and black scrap was a pretty table mat.

  1. Cute pic, but ow for the hospital visit! Hope all is well.
    Having spaghetti in 2 minutes - warmed up in microwave :-)

  1. Loved seeing your son and Bree

  1. Time with your son and Bree must have been wonderful. She is such a little sweetie.

    There are people here who won’t be vaccinated but the rate of first vaccinations is 86%. Second vaccinations are at 40% so far. I imagine living where the uptake in vaccine is low must be so frustrating and scary.

  1. Such a sweet little Granddaughter! That sure is a low vaccine rate!

  1. Nice pic!!
    I am way behind on my stuff for the home. I'd rather take photos, ride my bike, work out, read blog posts, and make blog posts.

    I didn't know Idaho had such a low vaccination rate. Oklahoma is at about 39% fully vaccinated and just over 50% for at least one shot. So many people I know say that they just don't want to because they don't think they'll get sick. The legislature wants to outlaw hospitals or any other business mandating vaccinations. Good thing the outlook was different when we were fighting small pox.
    Take care!!

  1. Sorry to hear about the seizure. I hope everything will be ok.

  1. I hope Claudia's okay. You'll have to schedule a family pic for another time when they can all make it.

  1. Mind blowing post

  1. All of my Supplies and Stuff are out of control! So, you're not the Lone Ranger my Friend. That Grandbaby is ADORABLE!!!

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