Thursday July 21 2021, This Is What Happen

 I was making a video, well my SD card ran out of space. So delete some photo. Thinking I could redo my video. Well than my camera batteries went dead. The video I was making was showing the white elephant fabrics I got different place, I'm slowly organizing my craft stuff. But mainly fabrics. So looks like Friday I will do the video again. Well I did the video, and will post it tomorrow.

Some of fabric I get is so full of strong perfume. Which gives me an asthma issues. So I raise them in white vinegar, with water. And let them air dry. This time they weren't much as small pieces. Most of it was a good yard or more. But they was a few smaller pieces

I would like to replace the rug under my table. I think it would be cool to have a crochet rag rug. But I have quite a bit of old sheets and pillow cases, that could be used. 

Got a chance to do a little organizing on my craft supplies. Well had a couple of phone calls one from my son Bart and it possible he and his father in law and the oldest is coming up camping. And one my friends I grew up with. We're going up to there camp over in Newport Washington.

I work 32 hour week, I call having more zap in my step, and when I come home now, I'm tired. But I did mange to get a little done, around the place. Not sure if phone calls was blessing or what. I was hoping to get a little more done. It didn't happen.

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. The fabrics look nice. Do you hand rinse them or put them in the washing machine and add vinegar instead of the soap?

  2. I like your old rug, I have one similar which I am storing in the loft as our new cat will pull the threads. Have fun camping with family.

  3. That Rug under your Table is Lovely... a Rag Rug wouldn't look as Fabulous! I just bought some very cool Fabric, just a couple yards of it, that has Palmistry Hand and Astronomy Print.

  4. I had to order a new battery for my camera. The old one wasn’t reliable any more.

  5. We are experiencing technical difficulties...

  6. Looks like you hit the jackpot with the fabrics!

  7. Socializing sure takes a bite out of time that could be put to use on other projects.

  8. I like your rug, but I understand how you can get tired of seeing the same rug day after day. Alana


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