Sunday, May 16, 2021

Today Is Sunday May 16 2021, This Is What Happen

 Last Sunday I forgot to take three comment from last weeks blog post, and go more into it. I suprise I haven't forgot to go to work, or something like that.

Well I count all comment are on my blog and there were 62 of them, and I use random number generator to see which comment, I will be taking on. So this time it number 17, 33 and 39

Number 17 came from BRAIN HOME BLOG...Congrats on your new granddaughter, she a cutie...I couldn't agree more. 

Number 33 came from DOUBLE-HALF or One Ten Without...Boy I feel like a sissy? I never did something like a line or such! And never counted calories. And never will. To stubborn for that. Wow, you are discipline!!!Good on ya...There plenty things that was offer in my life I would of been considered to be a sissy, also. But I been told I had balls. Over years I figured which battles in life was worth going for. I have to have eating limites and there three basic ones...I try to keep my calories between 1,600 and 1,800. Than no eating after 7 at night. And last one would be keeping sweets out of my home. Usual on Tuesday or Wednesday I will go into establishments and get a sweet. If I have home I will get carried away with them. Two basic words I'm carefull how I use it "never" and "always" Life circumstances  can play major roll how the out come in those two words. "Never" and "Always"

Number 39 came from ISLAND MUSING...We never eat in evening either...I had to figure out a stop and start time to eat each day. I bet when our ancestor duing their days. had all sorts of famine and feasting. Please don't get me wrong I'm not pushing fasting. I don't see my self going on hungry strike any time soon. But we fast for other reason than health. Such as religious, political, and economics reason. So my daily fast is between 12 and 15 hours.

Let see my up coming week is of crouse work, Regis have two doctor appointment, and lab work this week. On Thursday he see his cognitive thearpist as always. I promise him that I would take him to LIBRARY down in Sandpoint. He get movies, and they have larger selection of items. Opinion time....Our library where I live is limited on things mostly by budget. And it seems like something might bring on vartiy of thought isn't welcome. Plus our library is close, and one can read the many, article STARTING WITH THIS ONE and CONTINUE ON EDITOR NOTE...At end of continue there links buttom of the story. Although our other paper hasn't did story yet on our library. I won't be checking out any thing I will give Liz a week to watch the DVDs I got at library. Which is hours and Fridia, and will return them week from Tuesday. So this time I will glance though some journals and diaries of Margrey Kempe, John Adams, The Lewis and Clark Journals, Derek Jarman, Syliva Plath, and Anais Nin. Just take glance at this and see is possible I want to read or purchase them at later date. I will have to see if there in english or not. Since I still dvd out I feel it not right for me to check out anything. The main reason I'm going I promise Regis I would take him.  Not sure what Liz and I got going on. I liked to see her get out for a little while this week and continue going though her VHS and DVD tapes. Did watch the second dvd to Fridia and it about how the movie was made. Build from her paintings.

But there life out side of work, most of my hours are working hours. As for gardening I just hope to keep tall grass and such from flower beds, to let in light. If there time and I just don't see it I might take weed wacker and do some trimming around the place. As for creative time I think mostly going to be organization get some or make envolopes to put in more of my precut fabric blocks 

Then cut some different size boards to wrap my fabrics on. I don't see my self completing anything in creative field, maybe some practice drawing.

Coffee is on and stay safe

I hope to get stab at few other things around the place


  1. If only our weeks weren't taken up by work...

  2. That was fun to see what everyone had to say! I hope you have a really good week!

  3. Don't worry, I often have days like that too. Sometimes I think I purposely forget abt chores. I think I need to get a weed whacker after seeing you say you need to get yours out. Saves me PULLING weeds and getting a sore back!

  4. A weed whacker makes more sense than pulling weeds for me too.

  5. have an involved system for comments.

  6. Still a sissy here ;-)

  7. You get a lot of comments wow.

  8. A weed whacked sounds perfect. I’ve put off the garden work in favour of cycling when the weather is good.


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