Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday May 22 2020, This Is What Happen

Work day was quite and got my client set up for the weekend. Not sure what going on for weekend I wouldn't mind going up into the mountains.

Up two/tens of pound. I know the basic in losing weight. The question do I do it. Well some time but I need to be more consistent. The term should be "LOT MORE"

I went to the dentist. Here the report I have cracked filling, and some cavity. So that not entire picture. My upper teeth on left shift and making it difficult to floss. Dentist suggest I get a water pick. I found one over on amazon I like.
Also had fasting blood draw. So Tuesday is my yearly physical

I been looking for mystery box fabric for under 25.00. I real don't need fabric or anything else. So far I've heard of them and seen on you tube.
I sort of came to my sense. I didn't order a mystery box of fabric. I got mystery box of art stuff. Sound like a unboxing video

I didn't get a chance to do anything for PPF Hope some of you get chance to look at the talent artist.

Coffee is on



  1. Much better idea to buy art stuff instead of fabric.

  2. Hari OM
    My sister, the quilter, has difficulty NOT buying fabric... I decided that I am going to spring clean my wardrobe and drawers and anything I haven't worn in last eighteen months is going out; and may be able to salvage fabrics to turn into squares for her! YAM xx

  3. Oh I know how hard it is to do the right thing re weight Dora, still more good days than bad is all we can do 😊 A mystery box of art goodies sounds fun ✨

  4. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Not good dental news. Yes, take a trip to the mountains. It will do you both the world of good.

  5. Sorry to hear about your teeth. Hope you get better soon. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  6. Sorry about your teeth. The art box sounds interesting.

  7. Sometimes I wish I had a sewing machine. I have clothes that need repaired and want to alter others. Oh well though, maybe I wouldn't use it that much. I don't keep anything I don't use, I can't stand to have too much stuff, wears on my brain.

  8. I love my Water Pik. I think you’ll like using it.

  9. We love our water pik thing too and wouldn't be without one!

  10. Our dentists are just going to be reopening in June. Enjoy your long weekend.

  11. I know what you mean about fabric. I'm that way with yarn.


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